Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Cliff Of The West:

Hat: American Apparel, Jacket- Kenneth Cole Reaction, Cashmere
Sweater- Vintage, Skirt- Missoni for Target, Socks- Gap, Bag- YSL

 (via Fillmore & 5th), Shoes- YSL (found with 293,874,928,374 sale
 stickers on the bottom during a Nordstrom sale), Watch- Michael 
Kors, Bracelets- Coach,  Silver Ring- Tiffany & Co

     As much as I love and adore fashion (and I really do) it's not about the brands and labels of your clothing but rather, where you wear them! As the weather warms up I am realizing how important it is to get outside and enjoy nature. Exercise becomes an adventure rather than a nuisance and this season I intend to leave no rock unturned. My friend Sharon and I took a jaunt over to what is locally called "West Cliff," which is actually a long stretch of street (West Cliff Drive) that runs along the coast overlooking the water and wharf. A great venue for chatting and catching up with a friend while enjoying fantastic views and people watching. A local surf monument has even made a home for himself here and takes comfort in the fact that his neighbor is a majestic light house (You can see my trip to the Seabright Lighthouse here as well). The weather can change from hour to hour in Santa Cruz so I have been trying to master the fine art of layering. I love that these thigh high socks from Gap Body are incredibly warm but if the sun decides to shine I can easily remove them and stash them in my large purse (which also happens to have a pair of practical flats inside too). Hats and hoods which are both removable make it easier to transition from rain to shine, perfect for any adventure I might get into!

      I had such a lovely time with Sharon on this particular day. We gossiped, told secrets, and she was kind enough to help me take these lovely photos. Recently I realized that most all of my friends have some sort of creative talent to offer and I feel so blessed to be surrounded with such inspiring people! Special thanks to Sharon for taking these photographs. 
      Where do you like to play catch up with your close friends? Do you have a favorite place for adventures and what do you wear for the occasion? 



  1. Nice look and post!

  2. Nice skirt!!!

  3. I might be in love with a skirt. And that skirt might be this one.

    xo Jennifer

  4. Love your shoes!!!

  5. Inspiring post and great featured pieces that all work together fabulously! Cashmere + vintage + Target + Tiffany--adore!

  6. This is such a fun look!
    and yes, when it gets warmer I love going on walks and adventures! :D


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  8. Love your style and blog. You look amazing in your pictures and outfits. I love this skirt where did you get it or who is the designer?

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Bold in Blue'.


  9. Nico, these pics are spectacular! She did an awesome job. Love your poses and that skirt. Exercising outside is very nice! You get the fresh air and scenery. I'm starting back on the treadmill today. Have a great weekend doll!

  10. These are wonderful doll! Gorgeous photos. I love being outside. Though, it's way too cold at the moment, can't wait for spring. But, its so important to get out and relax with fresh air. You look stunning. Have a great weekend xx

  11. You are looking great beautiful woman! I love your shoes :)!
    Have a wonderful weekend and hope the sun will be where you are :)


  12. Hi Nico, must have been a lovely time! Love your style, you lok stylish and cool! Kisses dear, happy weekend! xo

  13. Hi dear, I fully agree, its not about labels at all. This is a beautiful location and the photos came out wonderfully! Love love that vibrantly printed skirt.

  14. What a beautiful landscape and I like your skirt so much!

    xx Rena

  15. I'm glad you had a good day with your friend =) These are beautiful photos - your legs are amazing!!!

    Corinne x

  16. ^ Corinne, she has awesome legs, I agree! It's not easy walking around in the grass in those, she's so smart she packed flats in her purse :) Nico, you make styling outfits look so effortless (and for most of us, it isn't!).


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