Sunday, July 31, 2011

More things that help me enjoy life!

Hot summer nights call for super cool sushi:

Love my best friend even as a zombie!

Scrumptious Earl Grey cupcakes with blackberry frosting.... d'lish!

Funky manicure perfect for a game of Smoke & Fire:

Color coding my closet is not only appealing but 
inspires me to wear less black and white!

     It's the little things that make the day easy and care free!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things that help me enjoy life:

Fresh flowers from the farmers market:

New Diane Von Furstenberg shoes!!!! 
(mine are in Black leather not suede)

Door handles at Freedom Meat Locker,
a delicious deli with killer sandwiches.

Fresh Salmon from a japanese grocery store:

Jelly Fishing at the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Sadly, I didn't catch anything that day.


That's just my bag baby!

The handbag... a girl can't leave the house without one, at least this girl can't! I thought I would divulge what items I have on my person at all times:

(clockwise from top)

1: REMOVABLE GOLD CHAIN: This may be the most frequently utilized item I own. I love for my handbags to be multifunctional (they are expensive!) and this detachable chain does the trick by taking a clutch to a hands free cross body bag!

2: SUNGLASSES! I wear contact lenses and it is essential that I have shades with me at all times to protect my eyes and also my skin. The sunnies pictured are by Chloe

3: ANTIQUE PILL BOX! You never know when a headache may arise without notice, so why not be prepared with a pill box filled with whatever you may need? Plus it takes up next to no space in your purse!

4: MAKEUP ESSENTIALS! I always keep a tube of lipstick and mascara with me for last minute touch ups. A folding brush with built in mirror is also compact, functional, and necessary!

5: FLORAL CHOPSTICK CASE: This is another item that hardly takes up space and can be very helpful. I usually store chopsticks in here incase I need utensils but I have also used it to carry makeup brushes (keeps the brushes protected and the interior lining of your bag protected).

6: KEYS! I constantly check to make sure I haven't locked my keys in my car, don't you?

7: BROWN OVERSIZED CLUTCH: Love the angular detailing on this Hayden-Harnett for Target bag. I bought it a long time ago and its remained a staple in my wardrobe since. 

8: MARC JACOBS WALLET: I found this on ebay, it may or may not be real but I LOVE it. Plenty of internal pockets and such. Also came with detachable chain (mentioned 1st in this post). 

So there you have it, everything I need to survive the day! 

Yours, Nico