Sunday, February 24, 2013

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies:

      It really doesn't get any better than a glass of ultra chilled milk and a just baked, still warm from the oven, home made, chocolate chip cookie. Actually... that's a lie, there is one thing that would make an already perfect snack even more flavorful and delicious, salt. This is one of my favorite and most utilized ingredients and I am loving the idea of adding a touch of salt to sweet baked goods. Sea salt is the best thing to use as a finishing salt and it's rocky texture balances well with these doughy chocolate chip cookies. I like to follow my favorite (and secret) chocolate chip cookie recipe, roll the prepared dough into tablespoon sized balls and gently dust them in sea salt before baking. I used black hawaiian sea salt for these cookies so you could really see the colored flecks on camera. If you are wanting to kick up the taste and favor on your regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, try adding a bit of salt to finish!

      I know I said I that my chocolate chip cookie recipe is secret (much like my red velvet cake recipe) but I will tell you that if you beat your butter and sugar together until they are very light and fluffy, it will produce a much chewier cookie!


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Missoni Miss You:

Hat- American Apparel, Sunglasses- Gucci, Blazer- Theory, Hoodie-
American Apparel,  Rolling Stones T: Target, Denim: Alloy, Bag- YSL,
Rain Boots: Missoni (Get yours on sale here)

  I mentioned way back here that I dig layering blazers and hoodies to add extra warmth when the weather is cold and harsh. The skies have been overcast recently and I thought that I'd throw on my rain boots for puddle jumping too. I love how these boots by Missoni look as if they used to be striped but then the Santa Cruz rains made the colors run together in the most artful way possible. 

      I'll be staying in this evening listening to my collection of Rolling Stones records and getting some baking done. I feel like I have been hoarding marshmallows, various chocolate chips, and sprinkles just for overcast days like this one. What are some of your go to cold weather activities?


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Archie's Girls for MAC:


     If you read this post then you are likely very aware of my heightened desire for the Archie's Girls for MAC collection. As a kid I would always secretly try to sneak the latest issue of Archie's Double Digest into the grocery store shopping cart right before check out. I loved witnessing Archie's continually struggle over who he loved more: Betty... or Veronica? I always understood why he could never choose! Betty the blonde is sweet and caring while brunette Veronica sizzles with appeal and allure, I wouldn't be able to make a choice either. I suppose now I don't have to with my Betty and Veronica (why was it never Veronica and Betty?) inspired cosmetics! I am even more elated to say that most of these items were a truly lovely gift from Shahin for Valentine's Day, he really knows how to make a girl feel special. 

Lipstick from left to right: Ronnie Red, Daddy's Little Girl, & Girl Next Door. I LOVE the first two featured shades but I have to say that I am going to return the baby pink because it is too  much of a silvery pale pink on my skin. Ronnie Red is a stand out cherry red shade with hints of fuschia and I can't wait to wear it. Daddy's Little Girl is also a new favorite and is unlike any other shade I own, a vivid electric berry plum color. 

Betty's "Kiss & Don't Tell" lipglass. I lovely coral shade that I hope to wear often this Spring and Summer. I'm typically more of a lipstick girl but I loved this shade too much to resist!

Betty's Caramel Sunday eye palette and opulash mascara were both gifts from Shahin and while I would have never thought to purchase them for myself I am most happy with these pieces! The eyeshadows are great neutral shades that I will wear each and everyday along with the mascara.

This blush in "Cream Soda" is a great light coral that can be worn light and sheer or applied with a heavier hand for a more sculpted and dramatic look.

      After receiving these adorable cosmetics I was inspired to go looking for my own collection of Archic comics and I managed to find a few from the 90s! I love that the classic art work is reflected on the MAC Archie's Girls products. Each morning while applying my daily make up routine I will be reminded of happy childhood memories, how nostalgic is that?


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Appetizers For Two:

     I adore the notion of staying in the evening of Valentine's Day and enjoying a quiet night with my loved one. Shahin must love me (or be nuts over me, as in crazy) because he agreed to watch the 90s version of Sabrina with me on VHS tape starring Greg Kinnear, Harrison Ford, and the stunning Julia Ormond in the title role. I thought no movie night is complete without something to snack on and Valentine's Day called for something especially elegant. Although I want to serve something fancy, I know I also need something simple to prepare so that I can enjoy the movie. I decided to make baked crostini with prosciutto wrapped string beans for the occasion. Just pre heat the oven to 350 degrees and fill a prepared baking sheet with string beans wrapped in salty prosciutto and slices of baguette brushed with olive oil. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes then serve with tasty extras like dried tangy cranberries, walnuts, and goat cheese! 

       Watching the 90s remake of Sabrina is one of my own personal traditions, do you have any for Valentine's Day? I wish you all lots of love and take care!

Happy Valentine's
Day !!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Tale Of Endearment...

Hat- Santa Cruz Hat Co, Coat- Nordstrom Rack, Dress- Betsy Johnson,
Necklace- Self Made, Bracelets- Coach, Rings- Vintage, Bag- Coach,
 Boots- Hunter

      I thought since Valentine's Day is this Thursday I would share an idea of what I might end up wearing. My special someone and I are planning on going out for breakfast instead of dinner this year and taking in a nice long walk by the shore. I picked up these refurbished emerald green Hunter rain boots at Nordstrom Rack for a mere 46 bucks and I believe them to be perfect for galavanting around in the puddles and sand of the damp seaside of Santa Cruz. With Spring fast approaching (or maybe I am just crossing my fingers so tightly), I love the idea of wearing floral prints with jewel encrusted insects. I unearthed a couple bug brooches at the De Anza flea market in San Jose and I thought they paired well with the Amber insect necklace I made. I hope the sunny and bright weather we have been experiencing in this corner of the world continues through Valentine's Day! 

      My boyfriend, Shahin, and I have been together for nearly two years now and I thought since love is in the air this week, that I would share the story of how we met. I was out and about one evening walking downtown with my close friend Paris and I see this handsome gentleman walking towards us. I use the word gentleman because he was dressed in slacks, a button up, tie, and blazer along with perfectly coiffed hair. Not too many people in my town of granola eating hippies (I count myself among them) wear such pulled together attire. As he closed his approach, he confidently tossed his hair (I wish I could show you an impersonation I do), extended his right hand and said "Hello, my name is Shahin." To which I romantically responded with "Your name is Sha-What?!" Needless to say, he should thank his lovely mother for giving him such a unique name that sparked a great conversation!


Monday, February 11, 2013

My Love:

My Love:

My Love: by nsaich featuring tocca perfume

To My Beloved Satin&Salt Readers,      

      As Valentine's Day approaches I keep imagining the small indulgences that make all the difference in the end. I hope to pick up a tin of pistachio macaroons for myself because even though one of my love affairs is baking, I'd love to give myself the gift of no dishes to wash! I highly encourage each one of you to pick up a little something for yourself, just so that you know that you are appreciated, and loved by the one person that will always matter most in your life! If you need some ideas or inspiration for potential gifts, feel free to click the "My Love" link below the photo for my sweet selections on Polyvore!


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small Morsels: Valentine's Edition!

Chanel perfume + framed Valentine's card from my father.

      Valentine's Day is exactly one week away and as the day nears my excitement grows! I have always had an affinity towards this holiday in particular because I believe that it is truly vital and essential to tell the people we care for, just how much we love them! I feel like we shouldn't need a special day to remember to be kind to those who care for us... but sometimes a holiday gives you that little nudge to go the extra mile. I'm looking forward to handing out small indulgent treats to my girlfriends, writing thoughtful letters to beloved family members, and giving my guy lots of affection and baked goods! Here are some sickeningly sweet images that have me drooling for Valentine's Day to arrive as soon as possible:

You're so hot, I have to wear shades!

Mini cupcake lip glosses to gift to my special girlfriends. 

Lipstick love letters left around the house for my boyfriend.

Lavender rose buds and caramel, pistachio, and olallieberry macaroons.

Ruby and Diamond ring ala' Blair Waldorf.

Special red & pink lingerie.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Menswear Monday: Chumash

      Some of you may have noticed occasions here and here where I have showcased slightly unusual photography with my hand crafted accessories on display. Today, for "Menswear Monday" I am featuring my boyfriend Shahin, who is wearing a dyed turquoise and banded agate necklace. Shahin is half Native American (a decendent of the local Chumash tribe no less) and I was inspired by his heritage to take these photographs. He is wearing traditional Chumash face markings with a vintage button up shirt. I love the bands of layered rock in the agate necklace he has on. Fashion tip: not sure if many fellows know this but I believe that wearing some type of interesting necklace is a great way to attract conversations in social gatherings. People often stop to ask about whatever stone or interesting item you have on!

      I also took a photography class in school last semester and I have been experimenting with my new camera ever since. I'm truthfully not very skilled since the previous photo class I took was in high school where I only used a manual black and white film camera, this new Canon Rebel is a foreign object to me. However I somehow managed to adjust the settings to manual and remember a couple of my old habits. Please bare with me on this journey to improve my blog's photography!


Friday, February 1, 2013

If I were a jazz musician...

Beanie- American Apparel, Coat- BCBG, Brooch- Vintage Find, Denim- Gap, Bag- YSL, Shoes- Coach, Sunglasses- Michael Kors, Watch- Michael Kors, Bracelets-Coach

      Many of you may not know this but for quiet a long time I was a total band geek (not nearly as cool as the jazz musician in the mural behind me). I played baritone saxophone and I loved that huge hunk of metal to pieces! My classmates would refer to me as Lisa Simpson, but whenever someone asked who inspired me to play sax I would always respond with: "the blue M&M of course!" These days I eat more blue M&Ms than actually playing the sax but who knows, that could change in time!

      I wore this particular outfit on a casual walk thru downtown Santa Cruz, my favorite local spot. It has been too cold to go out with out a hat lately and I've been wearing this American Apparel beanie constantly. I think I own this style in three colors, so I highly recommend making a purchase if you are in the market for a new cold weather item. The BCBG coat I have on was a holiday gift from my sister, Claire. She knows me well and found this stunner at a consignment shop and I couldn't be more happy with the classic piece.