Monday, November 19, 2012

Menswear Monday:

      A couple weeks ago I introduced a feature called "Menswear Monday" here on and today I am continuing that trend. I am happy to say that my friend Steven is being featured along with one of my own jewelry designs! Stephan is the lead singer  (and sometimes tambourine player) for a local Santa Cruz based band called "The Red Light District." The band specializes in edgy rock music, stellar live performances, and killer style. You can check out the band's facebook page for upcoming show dates by clicking here. Maybe I will see you at their next event!

      Stephan is wearing a basic black button up which (in my opinion) is a staple for most men and makes for the perfect backdrop for a unique necklace. I believe that the right accessories are essential for both women and men. What would Jimmy Hendrix do without his feather boa? Or would Steven Tyler have as much flare if he didn't tie scarves to his mic stand? I constructed this necklace using dyed agate, turquoise, and apatite chips making this piece the perfect accent to an otherwise basic black woven shirt. 

      I'd love to know, what are your thoughts on men's style? What is your favorite men's accessory? And I hope all you guys out there will stay tuned for the next "Menswear Monday" feature!



  1. He looks very nice. Love the necklace doll, that is beautiful!! I hope you have a wonderful week :) x

  2. Love the necklace Nico! When are you opening your Etsy shop?

  3. stephan has great style and hair! sexyyyy! hahaha love that shirt.

  4. Greetings Nico! Love the jewelery! You picked a great background to compliment your model. Kudos to Stephan - he wears his clothes well and, as others have mentioned, has great hair.


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