Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Manicure Madness!!

     Do you ever paint your nails perfectly and then while you are waiting for them to dry you suddenly HAVE to blow your nose (like you may actually burst into flames if you do not blow your nose)! And all of a sudden there are tissue bits and dust in your once flawless manicure? Well, sometimes I manage to avoid this senario and managed to score some snap shots of my favorite summer manicures:

Black and white floral print Sally Hansen Nail Strips:
(wore these for the 4th of July!)

Chine Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, but I think it looks like 
teenage mutant ninja turtle green: (this brand sells polish 
at a great value of $4.99 a bottle! Plus lots of color options!)

OPI's Elephantastic Pink, ultra feminine:
(their web page is so simple to navigate!)

A sunny yellow I had done at a salon.... 
instantly repainted when I got home:
(but check out that amazing ring!)

"Dating A Royal" by OPI is a perfect shade of brilliant navy 
blue. Great for transitioning between summer and fall:

OPI makes my favorite base coat and top coat, 
I will also wear OPI's "Yoga-Ta Get This Blue" and 
NYC's "Sidewalkers" thru the up coming fall season: 
(listed in order from left to right)

I believe having your nails painted really completes your look. I take manicure inspiration from the ever classy  Jane Russel and Marilyn Monroe who always had their nails perfectly painted to match their lipstick in the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." 

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Have you been struck with manicure madness at all? 
I caught it for sure!


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  1. I love how almost every pic of your hand has some sort of jewelry on it lol and I love all the colors! The Sally Hansen nail strips looked so good on you and the Dating a Royal nail polish reminds me of Kate Middleton's engagement dress! so classic yet modern for nail polish!


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