Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crown Jewels

My grandmother (more fondly known as "Gram"), is not only one of the most kind people I know, but she also happens to possess the BEST taste in all things jewelry! Every time I visit she shows me just a bit more of her extensive collection of necklaces, rings, and bracelets. She is the inspiration of this post as I have photographed some of my favorite pieces of jewelry to share with you:

Bedazzled tiger cocktail ring:

Vintage Givenchy bracelet gifted 
to me by my close friend Robyn:

Faux turquoise earrings from F21:

Vintage necklace purchased at the 
Santa Cruz Antique Fair for $2 :

Pendant necklace purchased from BCBG:

My favorite piece in my collection:

Gram herself had this ring made for me upon my graduation. Stunning Jade, Luminous pearls, and 
sparkling peridot set in gold: 

I never leave the house without accessories... 
think I can thank Gram for that mentality. 



  1. love love love this post! Your grandmother definitely has incredible taste in jewelry and I love that you are just as obsessed with jewels as I am!

  2. Next time I visit her, Im taking photos of her jewelry!!!

  3. Gram keeps me in gems : ) what are your favorite accessories?


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