Monday, November 26, 2012

Crochet by Kim:

      Random fact, I was way into Student Council while I was in high school. I loved planning the decorations and themes for school functions and all the wonderful people that I got to work with that I would have otherwise never met. This is when I first met Kim, she was our class secretary and I was the publicity officer. Little did I know that years after high school, Kim would be designing amazing knit wear! I never knew what an artist she would become but these days Kim designs and hand knits amazing scarves and even bow ties! (Like the gray one she is wearing in the above image) She even custom designs pieces specifically for her clients with the ideas of quality and comfort always in mind. You can view more of Kim's warm and cozy scarves at her website by clicking here! She designs for both women and men and you can view color swatches to design your own scarf by clicking here as well!

      I hope you will enjoy browsing Kim's site as much as I have for the perfect holiday gift or just something to keep yourself bundled up for the holiday!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY: Nautical Centerpieces

      My dear friends Bianca and Johnathan got hitched recently and I was lucky enough to attend their fabulous wedding that was full of love, good cheer, and many blessings! I was also asked by Bianca to create some adorable table centerpieces for the big day as well. The wedding was right here in Santa Cruz and the bride and groom decided on a nautical theme for their special day. Vases wrapped in sturdy rope were off set by delicate flowers as well as a simple starfish and the centerpieces were perfect for the occasion! The best part? They were inexpensive and easy to assemble, here's how:

- Vases (The ones I used were scored at goodwill for just a few dollars)
- Starfish 
- Floral Foam
- Hot Glue Gun (With glue!)
- Flowers of your choice 
- Rope

Getting Started:
1: Begin by using the hot glue gun to glue rope around the entire vase. When you get to the top of the vase, cut some additional rope and insert the tattered and cut end into the vase where it won't be seen. 

2: Add small pieces of floral foam into the bottom of the vase, then add water into the vase as well.

3: Arrange cut flowers in the floral foam to your liking. I used gerbera daisies for this project.

4: Repeat assembly process until all centerpieces are complete. For the finishing touch, glue a starfish to the side of the vase!

      I had a lot of fun putting together these centerpieces. I was even more proud to contribute my creativity and time to Johnathan and Bianca on their special day (which also happened to be my birthday... which made the celebration even better!) I hope that this project inspires you to get creative too!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Menswear Monday:

      A couple weeks ago I introduced a feature called "Menswear Monday" here on and today I am continuing that trend. I am happy to say that my friend Steven is being featured along with one of my own jewelry designs! Stephan is the lead singer  (and sometimes tambourine player) for a local Santa Cruz based band called "The Red Light District." The band specializes in edgy rock music, stellar live performances, and killer style. You can check out the band's facebook page for upcoming show dates by clicking here. Maybe I will see you at their next event!

      Stephan is wearing a basic black button up which (in my opinion) is a staple for most men and makes for the perfect backdrop for a unique necklace. I believe that the right accessories are essential for both women and men. What would Jimmy Hendrix do without his feather boa? Or would Steven Tyler have as much flare if he didn't tie scarves to his mic stand? I constructed this necklace using dyed agate, turquoise, and apatite chips making this piece the perfect accent to an otherwise basic black woven shirt. 

      I'd love to know, what are your thoughts on men's style? What is your favorite men's accessory? And I hope all you guys out there will stay tuned for the next "Menswear Monday" feature!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Roam SF:

      This past Saturday I was lucky enough to enjoy an indulgent afternoon of consignment shopping and a delicious lunch in San Francisco with my boyfriend, Shahin. After walking out of Filmore & 5th (a fantastic sister store to Crossroads Trading  that specializes in designer labels and quality fabrics with budget friendly price tags), we spotted Roam and hungrily walked right in. We got lucky with this casual dining run in for sure! I can never resist a delectable cheeseburger and Roam's "build your own burger" option was high on my priority list once the fragrance from the kitchen hit me. I ordered a swiss cheese burger with the works: spicy mayo, ketchup, jalapeno relish, butter lettuce, a sliver of red onion, bacon and (for the ultimate grand flourish) truffled parmesan cheese fries! You can witness my excitement while devouring this meal by visiting this post from a couple days ago.  A cold IPA and a side order of french fries finished off this all american classic quite nicely as well. The atmosphere is cozy and casual, the food is amazing, the beer is ice cold, but the best part about this killer lunch spot? Roam actually cares about using the tastiest ingredients and that means preparing their meals with sustainable produce and meats including 100% grass-fed beef, free range poultry, and organic veggie burgers. And that is something that I am always happy to recognize in the food industry! You can view more of Roam's green practices by clicking here. But if you are more interested in food porn, continue on:


None of these perfectly blonde french fries got left behind, they were so good!
Potato tender on the inside, crisp on the outside!

*Note to self: don't have a beer with lunch and then go shopping.

(Some girls get a manicure before they go wine tasting but I like
 to make sure my nails look great right before a french fry endeavor.
Lately I have been wearing Chanel's Rose Exuberance) 

     I love burger joints that allow you to customize like Roam does. What are your favorite condiments and toppings? 


*Social Tip: Whenever I am amongst new people and don't really know what to talk about, I always end up asking what would be on their perfect burger! It always breaks the ice and gets conversation going!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Black Velveteen:

(Dress- American Apparel)

     This is one of my favorite dresses that I have owned for a long while now. The sturdy (and shape slimming) velvet fabric has held up surprisingly well over the years while still looking soft and luxurious. This dress is just fine and lovely on it's own but I like mixing it up by wearing this leopard jacket over it or instead maybe a pop of color with this bag. A simple and elegant black dress will never go out of style... and I hope that every girl already has one (If not, then you have an excuse to window shop for the perfect option!). What do you like to wear with your little black dress?


PS: This dress always reminds me of the Lenny Kravitz song- Black Velveteen

*All photos by Igor 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Small Morsels:

(Gerbera daisies for handmade wedding centerpieces)

      Hello dear readers! (Are you still around?!) I'm so sorry for the lack of proper posting these past few weeks. I took an unintentional break from blogging after my computer was broken in an unfortunate accident and I just recently got my precious piece of technology back from the repair shop. I'm really excited to start posting again as well as visit all of your lovely blogs and catching up on comments!
      The last few weeks have been a bit difficult and while I'd like to say that I can handle tough situations with elegance and grace... that isn't always how things go down. Perhaps one of my least graceful moments was when the first floor of my apartment got flooded and I was able to stuff a multitude of profane words into one sentence (a sentence that was as long as a paragraph)! Another ungraceful moment would have been my reaction after finding out that my computer had been damaged by someone other than myself. Needless to say... the last handful of weeks have helped me to have more patience during stressful situations. I have also learned that Murphy's Law always applies and that I should really savor the small morsels in life while I am able to! Here are a few things that have kept me positive as of late:

(Cut up hello kitty socks for my peep toe booties)

(A cheeseburger that was truly a religious experience!)

(Birthday consignment shopping at Simply Chic in San Francisco. Walking
into this boutique is like stepping to Carrie Bradshaw's closet!)

(An all veggie sandwich made by my neighbor)

(A truly edible coffee table arrangement made with
 rosemary, marigolds, and chamomile from my garden.)
(My love for upcycled vintage furniture continues with this bar cart.
When I received this little piece for free from my boyfriend's mom,
I knew it would be perfect painted gold!)
      I hope everyone out there is well, safe, and doing everything they can to see the beauty that is all around us! 


Saturday, November 3, 2012

An Apartment Dweller's Closet Tour:

      If you love clothes and happen to live in a small apartment, a huge walk in closet can be hard to come by. I have a knack for displaying my personal items and I love having my clothes on display where I can see all my options but my clothing closet happens to be too small for my collection of vintage and sale finds. A second hand wooden bookshelf ($15) painted a clean shade of white helped me achieve extra storage space for my most loved accessories which was much needed. If you happen to be over hauling your closet any time soon, here are a few other ideas for how I keep things neat and organized in my own closet:

(Clothing hung and displayed by color)
I used to organize my clothes by item type (blouses, pants, dresses, etc) but found that I was continually pulling out the same few items and wearing a ton of black. However, after arranging garments by color, I have found myself more willing to explore all the variety in my closet. And as long as you are familiar with the colors of the rainbow, this concept is simple to maintain over a long period of time.

       This upcycled bookshelf has been extremely useful for extra storage. I tacked push pins into the sides and back board to hold my collection of necklaces and sunglasses. On the shelves I displayed vintage milk glass candy dishes that hold an array of wrist swag. Eventually, I plan on adding a vanity mirror into the back of the shelf. Cross your fingers that a fantastic mirror finds it's way into one of my local charity shops!

       My collection of handbags and shoes also live in this unit neatly displayed like books. I find that instead of facing both shoes forward, it saves space to store one forwards and one backwards (it also helps to see your shoes from every angle when figuring out what to wear).

      Like every other girl I know (and some guys!) I love shoes. However, instead of spending the cost of rent on one pair of designer heels I prefer the thrill of hunting down vintage pairs in local consignment shops and thrift stores. Budget friendly and fashionable! Plus, when your shoes are on display it makes for great decor!  

     After removing the doors from my closet (to better see everything and make my small bedroom feel more open) I added extra hooks. These are perfect for hanging additional bags or my outfit for the next day.

 The floor of my closet is utilized for extra storage. Additional shoes live here as well as a large handbag and box, both of which I use to house out of season clothing and accessories (Sadly, my summer day dresses went in there a few days ago!).

     My thrifted cashmere sweater collection gets folded and displayed on the top shelf of my closet along with denim jeans. I prefer to fold these items rather than hang them because that would stretch them out. Taking proper care of your clothing will help it last for years and in the long run, save you some extra cash.

     I also store my make up in my closet (lack of any other option I guess) and I use old shopping bags to store out of season clothing as well. 

     And that's the inside of my closet! I know I love peeking inside people's wardrobe so I hope that you enjoyed mine!


PS: My computer was broken accidentally this week so I may have a hard time posting as often or responding to comments right away but I promise to get back to each and every one of you as soon as I can!