Monday, October 31, 2011


Hat-Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses-Michael Kors, Top-American Apparel,  Skirt-Salvation Army, Shoes-Cynthia Vincent, Bag- BCBG Maxazria, Watch-Michael Kors

      My absolute favorite part of living in the eccentric city of Santa Cruz is that I continually feel like I am on vacation. With the soothing beach views next to the energetic boardwalk, you are sure to find an atmosphere to suit your mood. Tons of local "hidden gem" restaurants dot every street. This flowing emerald green skirt coupled with a dolman sleeved top was a great combo for wandering around on my "Stay-cation" in both comfort and style. Plus these pieces also make a great swim suit cover up!). 


PS, Photos were shot by Shahin Gutierrez of Moon Cadillac

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hidden Treasures:

Crown Jewels:

Sterling silver

Ocean blue

Sea glass green

A Cheetah named Midas

      My collection of treasures over the years pillaged and plundered from all of the ships on the Santa Cruz coast. Okay, I'm not a pirate or anything but you get the idea. 


Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Main Dish:

      This sake set is from Daiso, cost a total of 8 dollars for all 5 pieces! The origami crane chopstick rests were a birthday gift from my roomie! (I believe she picked them up at World Market)

      Vintage oriental tea set gifted to me by my dear friend Bianca. She is ever so sweet and also my favorite contestant in the upcoming Miss California Competition! You can learn more about her by clicking here !

      Floral etched glass cake stand atop a lazy susan from ikea. Lazy susans are perfect for frosting a cake with ease as illustrated here.

      A pieced together tea set. Each item was discovered at various flea markets, garage sales, and discount stores. I love that nothing matches and each cup and sugar bowl reminds me of a different treasure hunt for the perfectly imperfect tea set. 

      I know this may seem tacky, but I love receiving mugs as gifts and souvenirs because they have a practical function! And I don't mind serving guests mismatched mugs because it adds a touch of fun and whimsy ("Which mug did you get? I got the one from the hawaiian pancake house!"). If mismatched mugs aren't you're cup of coffee (haha!) use them to store pencils/pens on your desk instead.

Delicious lady grey tea with leftover pumpkin spice lasagna (find the lasagna recipe by clicking here)

      I know it may seem strange to some but lately I have been coveting dishes the way I covet shoes. I collected quite a few dish sets over the years and they are taking over my house as "decoration" every where, my bookshelf is FILLED with dishes. Crazy, no?! 


Friday, October 28, 2011

Creature from the Neary Lagoon:

      Love the bell sleeves on this polka dot dress from the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line and the bag I'm wearing is vintage coach

Belt: kids GAP 
(I like to buy belts from the youth 
department because they work well 
as high waisted belts and also cost less)

Iphone case: The "Nico" sweater by Elisemade
Silver bracelet: Tiffany and Co
Gold bracelet: vintage Givenchy
Evil eye bracelet: Received as a gift

Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender (over 30% off!)

Leggings: Victoria's Secret Pink yoga leggings
(I literally own 8 pairs of these suckers!)

      Went to Neary Lagoon here in Santa Cruz, CA just at sunset a few days ago. I was hoping to get there in time to take some clear photos but sadly the night had mostly settled in by the time I arrived. However, did get a few shots to share with you all! Doesn't this outfit seem a little familiar? I wore something quite similar here as well. Just goes to show that classic red and polka dots are always seasonally appropriate. Do you have a combination of prints or colors that you rely on?


PS, How hilarious/functional/cute is the sweater on my iphone?! View other colors by clicking here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Potato chips on the side!

      Earlier this month I decided to have "guys night." You know, play some super nintendo, watch Wayne's World, all the fun stuff! I served cheese steak sandwiches along with a side of home made potato chips! Nothing beats paper thin cut potato chips freshly salted and still warm from a good deep fry. Not such a difficult task, here's how:

1: Using a miniature mandolin, finely slice mini potatoes. Fingerling potatoes are available at most grocery stores and taste delicious as fried chips. Be careful not to cut your fingers, it seriously hurts, I would know.

2: Fry chips in a small pot of hot vegetable oil until crisp on both sides and remove from the oil using one of these

3: Lay chips on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels and salt immediately after removing them from the oil!  Let cool, then serve!

      I love just out of the frier potato chips but let it be known that these are even more tasty left over! Make everyone at work jealous by adding these chips to your brown paper lunch bag instead of hitting up the vending machine in the break room for chips covered in powdered cheese!


Snack Attack!

Linguini with cream sauce, arugula, heirloom
 tomato slices, and balsamic vinegar. 

M&Ms and origami cranes

Spicy Glazed chicken wings from Famous Dave's

Passionfruit raspberry chocolate cake with frest fruit

Caramel mousse and a fruit tart from CoCoLa

      Just a few snaps of meals and treats I've devoured in the last few weeks! Are your tummies growling fierce like a lion now?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gypsies, tramps, and thieves:

Bathing suit cover up (worn 
Belt: vintage find

Rings: Lucky Brand
Bracelets (left to right): Vintage, Coach, BCBG, and gifted evil eye bracelet to protect me from harm 
Watch: Michael Kors 

      I feel a little like a wandering gypsy vagrant in this blue silk skirt that was purchased at the local Salvation Army during one of their 50% off sales. I love how the dressy fabric of the skirt instantly makes my old cotton bathing suit cover up look like a classy yet casual top. In a city like Santa Cruz you never know when you may have to go from the beach and then out to dinner downtown without much time for costume changes. This outfit is perfect for wandering the beach city in comfort and style. 


PS, These photos were shot by both Paris (check out her fashion and fitness blog by clicking here), as well as B.Dalke.

Confetti Tips:

      Earlier this week I featured "Jackson Pollock" nails in a post called Santa Cruz Safari (view the post by clicking here). I thought they added an eclectic and quirky touch to what I was wearing. Here's how I achieved the look:

1: Start with a bright red manicure, I like to wait until a fresh manicure has had a couple days to chip:

2: Add dots of electric blue polish over each nail:

3: Dot each nail with a shimmery emerald green polish:

4: Use a baby pink colored polish to polka dot each nail:

5: Add mint green specs:

6: Voila, confetti nails! I like to use colors that don't really match for a whimsical feel. But I'm sure using all cool colors (bottle green, ocean blue, violet purple) or coordinating all warm colors (cherry red, sunkist orange, butter yellow) would be nice too!

      Oh and isn't this bracelet made out of a fork great?! This piece combines two of my favorite things, fashion and cooking! 


PS, This manicure takes awhile to dry, I suggest painting your nails right before watching a terrific movie like Carrie, perfect for the Halloween season!