Thursday, October 20, 2011

The icing on the cake!

      My roomie is a stellar baker! She makes all kinds of really delicious baked goods and last November while she was (so kindly!) making my birthday she showed me this fantastic method for icing cakes! 
This simple process will help you create cakes that are evenly iced and gorgeous. Here's how:

1: Get an "icing station" ready. You want to gather everything you will be using into one area so that all the essentials are at hand. I have a lazy susan (for spinning the cake plate with ease), torn pieces of a paper towel, a frosting spatula, and of course, frosting (try my easy recipe here). 

For this post I'm made a red velvet cake and I will be frosting it with a buttercream frosting and chopped chocolate chips! 

2: Place the cake on the lazy susan and using a frosting spatula, frost the cake in a smooth thin layer. (it's okay if it doesn't look perfect, you are adding another layer later.)

3: Cover your index finger with a piece of paper towel and wipe off any excess icing (this is when the lazy susan is most helpful!).

Should look something like this:

4: Pop the cake in the fridge for a few minutes (10-15) to allow the frosting to harden a little. After the cake has chilled, repeat steps 2 and 3 and top with whatever you like!

And that's all it takes to perfectly 
frost a cake with ease!



  1. Yum!! Reminds me of my bday cupcakes and I love the paper towel/ index finger idea to clean up excess frosting! Def using that with my next cake!

  2. This looks yummy! The frosting is perfect. By the way, thanks for checking out my blog and for all the super-sweet comments! I love that you're in Santa Cruz. I went to college there! I also love the little drawing for your profile picture. Too cute!

  3. Your tip about popping the cake into the fridge before applying the second (or third) coat of frosting is such a good one! On another note, I'm so happy to hear about your upcoming trip to Melrose, Nico..The two places that immediately come to mind that are worth checking out for food are as follows:

    1) Diddy Riese in Westwood. There's a crazy line, but for just $1.50 you get an insanely yummy ice-cream sandwich.

    2) Dough Boys in West Hollywood. This is the best brunch spot I've discovered in LA. The prices are very reasonable, and you can order some yummy red-velvet cake to go. ;)

    I'll keep racking my brain for more places you should go. When do you leave? (BTW, I actually just wrote a short piece about Dough Boys here:

    Happy travel planning, and thank you for your sweet comments! -Jennifer

  4. Perfect timing! My husband's birthday is this weekend, and I'm pretty messy when it comes to frosting cakes. =)

  5. OH man...that cake looks absolutely is after 1am and now I think I am ready for a midnight snack ;)

  6. Your making me hungry for things I shouldn't be eating!

  7. That cake looks so good! I love your use of the Lazy Susan! I love baking in my free time .


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