Thursday, October 13, 2011

October is here!

      Finally, Halloween season is upon us! I for one couldn't be more excited! I've already gone thru photos of past halloween costumes and started creating my costume for this year! Pumpkins and decorative squash have started to fill my home too! 

Last year I was Jem from Jem and the Hollograms!
Am I the only person that remembers this TV show?

I considered re-doing this pirate idea...

But eventually decided on 
something a little more devil-ish!

Have you started working on your costume for Halloween? What are some of your decorating ideas?!



  1. haha! I enjoy the Jem costume. We are thinking about being Roger and Jessica rabbit...


  2. I just love that old pile of pumpkins!

  3. AHHHHHHH JEM!!!!! I am the child from the I loved this show! I loved that theme song and of course Jem herself! Ok Nico, I am 30 am I too old to get dressed up for halloween this year? LOL! Last year I was a Bollywood star...sporting a short sari from leg avenue ;) The year before that was sexy honeybee, and then prior to that was sexy snow white. We'll see what I am this year!

  4. cannot wait to see your costume in just a couple of weeks! Def love the devil look :)


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