Monday, October 10, 2011

Gayle's Bakery (and Rosticceria!):

      Since Gayle's inception over 30 years ago in Capitola, CA this business has been delivering impeccable cakes, pies, sandwiches, and coffee to us all. The quaint bakery is almost always busy but also offers quick and friendly customer service (even when the line seems long its only a couple minutes to wait!). And while I was waiting to place my order I snapped up a couple shots of these tasty confections:

...I ended up snacking on this prosciutto and goat cheese sandwich with arugula and fig jam as I was walking out the door!

I had intended on sharing these with my special someone but ended up eating most of them on my own.... Who could resist an orange butter crunch roll? I have no self restraint.

      It's difficult to leave this venue without scooping up a handful of goodies. In addition to baked goods Gayle's also offers nightly home made blue plate dinners starting at 4pm. You can view upcoming blue plate meal menus by clicking here!



  1. I love Gayle's!! Their princess cake (the first cake pic) is SO good!!! We have to go there when I come visit :)

  2. Oh of course! I hope to see you very soon!


  3. OH EM GEE that sandwich sounds amazing! There is no way I would be able to stroll out of that place empty handed! xo

  4. oh gayles! and the orange rolls are amazing!! heavenly!

  5. can we go soon please? i want those tables!

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