Thursday, October 27, 2011

Potato chips on the side!

      Earlier this month I decided to have "guys night." You know, play some super nintendo, watch Wayne's World, all the fun stuff! I served cheese steak sandwiches along with a side of home made potato chips! Nothing beats paper thin cut potato chips freshly salted and still warm from a good deep fry. Not such a difficult task, here's how:

1: Using a miniature mandolin, finely slice mini potatoes. Fingerling potatoes are available at most grocery stores and taste delicious as fried chips. Be careful not to cut your fingers, it seriously hurts, I would know.

2: Fry chips in a small pot of hot vegetable oil until crisp on both sides and remove from the oil using one of these

3: Lay chips on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels and salt immediately after removing them from the oil!  Let cool, then serve!

      I love just out of the frier potato chips but let it be known that these are even more tasty left over! Make everyone at work jealous by adding these chips to your brown paper lunch bag instead of hitting up the vending machine in the break room for chips covered in powdered cheese!



  1. Love making chips!! baking them for a healthier snack is also delish!

  2. YUM!! Those chips look awesome!



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