Friday, October 28, 2011

Creature from the Neary Lagoon:

      Love the bell sleeves on this polka dot dress from the Jovovich-Hawk for Target line and the bag I'm wearing is vintage coach

Belt: kids GAP 
(I like to buy belts from the youth 
department because they work well 
as high waisted belts and also cost less)

Iphone case: The "Nico" sweater by Elisemade
Silver bracelet: Tiffany and Co
Gold bracelet: vintage Givenchy
Evil eye bracelet: Received as a gift

Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender (over 30% off!)

Leggings: Victoria's Secret Pink yoga leggings
(I literally own 8 pairs of these suckers!)

      Went to Neary Lagoon here in Santa Cruz, CA just at sunset a few days ago. I was hoping to get there in time to take some clear photos but sadly the night had mostly settled in by the time I arrived. However, did get a few shots to share with you all! Doesn't this outfit seem a little familiar? I wore something quite similar here as well. Just goes to show that classic red and polka dots are always seasonally appropriate. Do you have a combination of prints or colors that you rely on?


PS, How hilarious/functional/cute is the sweater on my iphone?! View other colors by clicking here.


  1. I love that time between day and night. These pictures capture that well! I especially love the one where your chillin next to the thing with the birds. Very nice!!

  2. I love your phone sweater!! It is so cute!

  3. You and this lagoon are so beautiful!! I love the polka dot top and have been obsessed with it since you first got it!! oh and I love that the iPhone sweater was named after you!! So cute!!

  4. Really cute dress, darling! You look fabulous! The iPhone sweater is adorable! Lol!

    Have a great weekend, doll! :)


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