Thursday, October 13, 2011

Makeup By Manda:

      Do you ever see that one girl on campus that has that "it" factor? She always has that star power that makes her unique and different and totally bad ass? You just know she will do amazing things one day? Well for me in high school, that girl was and IS Amanda Kroon of Makeup By Manda! She's the girl you wished would invite you over for a slumber party and a make over (Also to play dress up in her closet!). I've always admired her! She is a fantastic makeup artist who also truly has a flair for the dramatic. Take a look at the following photos and maybe you'll even get some inspiration (Halloween is right around the corner!)

Inspired by the Nightmare before Christmas:

Living dead girl:

Poison Ivy:


Baby Firefly (House of 1,000 
Corpses/ Devil's Rejects)

Zipper face:


Queen of Hearts:

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