Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY: extra counter space

      While I was at Target (I hate that store, it makes me feel like I need things that I never thought I did) I stumbled across Do It Yourself magazine. In the past, I would have picked up one of the fashion mags first but lately I have been drawn to informational magazines (not only are they fun to read but you learn something practical! cooking magazines are my #1 fav). While browsing thru the pages of Do It Yourself magazine I saw a great idea that I started working on that very same day! My kitchen has next to no counter space and I saw a simple and easy (plus inexpensive!) project that would instantly create more work space for all my cooking projects. The idea was to stack two identical ikea tables together to create extra storage and shelving as well as an additional counter top! Here's how I did it:

My supplies:
-2 bedside tables from ikea (I owned these already, but they are only $9.99 each and come in a variety of colors)
-1 roll of mounting tape
-1 pair of scissors

Getting started:
1: Flip one of the tables over and apply industrial strength foam tape to all four corners

2: Aline tables one on top of the other making sure they are even, apply pressure and....Voila:

Now I have a home for my 
surplus of pastas and bottled tea!

I actually intend to get a large (22"x22" or bigger) cutting board to cover the top of this fixture. Creating one large work surface as well as making the piece more "kitchen like." For now my collection of smaller cutting boards are on display:

      Couldn't you see this idea used in a bathroom or bedroom instead by replacing the large cutting board with a framed mirror instead?



  1. Great idea! I really like DIY magazine too! I remember I had an issue and I read it cover to cover 2 or 3 times! The tables look great.

  2. Im starting to really LOVE informational and do it yourself magazines! I always find myself inspired after reading them!


  3. This is an awesome idea, it's compact and many of us can actually do this! Similarly to you, I have a love h8 relationship w/target because I always find things in there to buy. Luckily for me to get there, it's a long walk 30 minutes or 20 minutes via public transportation. I can never buy too much either because how would I bring it home on the train? lol As for the python shoes..I think a beautiful pump is the way to go. You'll hear about the story behind the shoes later this week!

  4. I love this idea!! It would make small rooms/ apartments so much easier to organize, and the tables are so cheap! I mean for under $30 (with everything you need plus more lol) you can create something so helpful! haha


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