Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teal & Tweed:

Hat-Forever21, Sun specs-Betsey Johnson

Coat- Vintage find

Necklace-Betsey Johnson, Silver ring-
Tiffany&Co, Watch-Michael Kors

Denim- Thrifted (while on this trip)

Cashmere sweater- Charter Club

Bag- Vintage Coach (via Twist), Shoes-BCBG (via Crossroads)

      You may not be able to tell from your particular computer screen but my lipstick is actually a shocking shade of coral orange, the hat is a version of chartreuse green, and the collar of my coat is a bright teal. Basically all my favorite fugly colors. Sometimes I feel more confident wearing shall we say unusual (*cough* fugly!) color combinations because I automatically appear prettier by comparison. For a few finishing touches I added on some seriously oversized sun specs and a statement pegasus necklace for a quirky vibe. The best part about the whole ensemble? I'm in a cashmere blanket disguised as a sweater and stretchy legging jeans, basically one step up from comfy PJs! Check out the similar comfy/ pulled together feel of this outfit too!


PS: I got these great shoes while shopping at the Crossroads outlet (Bet you didn't know there was one of those!!) in Stockton, CA. This is one of my favorite places to shop because of the amazing prices on designer goods. Plus, on this particular adventure I teamed up with Rhe of for the ultimate shopping experience. Check out her fantastic style blog by clicking here!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wallflower Boutique:

      While out and about doing some very mild holiday shopping this weekend I discovered a new local store called Wallflower Boutique. Just when I thought I'd found every gem in the city of Santa Cruz I manage to find one more hidden treasure! A retail location filled to the brim with lusty fashionable clothing, quirky house decor items, and to die for accessories, the Wallflower Boutique will not disappoint! I'm sure you'll find a million items you'll want to own yourself plus some great gift ideas! 

Also, if you haven't crossed my name 
off of your holiday shopping list I'd 
ADORE one of these taxidermy butterflies! 
The large blue guy is my favorite:

the Wallflower Boutique is also holding a raffle 
for a locally crafted quilt, see details here.

     I also wouldn't mind having one of these lavender wands in my xmas stocking this year! I'd prolly end up storing mine in my closet so all my clothes would be perfumed with the calming scent of lavender:

Not sure what book to buy your favorite book worm this year? Why not gift them a screen T with the logo of their favorite novel instead? 

     I hope that if you ever find yourself strolling along Santa Cruz's Pacific Avenue (AKA: "Downtown") You'll take a quick turn on Locust street to visit Wallflower Boutique ! 


Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks:

      The day before Thanksgiving I made the quick drive to my father's home to help him cook our turkey dinner. It's been a long awhile since my dad and I have been in the same kitchen at the same time cooking together and I have to say, it was pretty fun! While I've never made a huge Thanksgiving meal alone before, I feel like next year I will be prepared to make all the fixings after my day long cooking lesson with my dad this past Wednesday!

...I know gravy can be the most challenging part of a thanksgiving meal, stay tuned because later this week I've got a great recipe/method!

The turkey was defenseless against my family's rumbling tummies, see evidence here:

      Thanksgiving has got to be one of my favorite holidays. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I have a love affair with food and a holiday centered around the idea of eating is just my cup of tea (or even my cup of hard cider, find my recipe here). But I have to say, this time of year also reminds me to appreciate all of the wonderful things I have going for me in life. A heart felt thank you to my family, friends, boyfriend, and readers (that means you!) for continually supporting me thru out the entire year! Your affections never go unnoticed and I thank you!


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Saturday, November 26, 2011


      Black Friday may be the day for malls and major retailers to claim their cut of the holiday sales but the first Saturday after Thanksgiving is now being claimed by small businesses as the day to "shop small." Lucky for me, I live in Santa Cruz, CA where most every store in the city is locally owned and operated. Today I will be visiting the downtown area to get started on some holiday shopping and my first stop is going to be Stripe! I love this local spot so much because the visual merchandising is always interesting and the variety of merchandise is also a treat. This store has everything from locally crafted leather handbags, to vintage clothing, and even the most random of nick knacks and housewares. If you ever find yourself in the Santa Cruz area, I suggest giving this local gem a look see! Especially today, when it is so important to support the small business in your area!

      One of my favorite things about Stripe is that this massive wall at the back of the store is constantly changing in drastic ways. I've seen it covered in antique plates and even paint brushes! On this visit, the wall was painted a shade of midnight blue and littered with sunburst mirrors to mimic the winter sky:

Loved this decorating idea, massive 
masculine antlers with lots of dainty mirrors:

This is a great stop for unique
 vintage boots as well:

Stripe even offers men's wear and 
children's items this holiday season!

Crafty clipboards hand from each fitting room:

      Have you finished your holiday shopping this year? If not, head to your favorite local businesses! Or even better yet, head on over to Stripe, one of my favorite stores in downtown Santa Cruz!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Samba (punk) Rock!

      A few days ago a friend and I took a quick walk on the river path in Santa Cruz to Samba Rock cafe. If you haven't visited Samba rock, I suggest you make a stop in. They serve the most delicious acai bowls and yerba matte blends in town! A delicious and casual breakfast required an easy but pulled together jeans and T shirt outfit dressed up with some of my favorite accessories. I especially love this hand knit yellow hat, I've been wearing it every other day!

Hat- Santa Cruz Hat Co, Shades- Betsey Johnson (2008),
Scarf- Alexander McQueen,Suede jacket- Marciano,
White top- White House Black Market, Jeans- Alloy,
Bag- Coach, Boots-Michael Kors. All previous photos by B. Dalke


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting:

      Chocolate cakes have never been a strong suit of mine, I've thrown away far too many botched batches. Yes, I am a bit ashamed to admit this but it's true. After trying a few recipes I finally realized that I should be looking to the master of utterly flawless recipes, The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten. I followed her instructions for: Beatty's Chocolate Cake  and was delighted that I ended up with a intense chocolate flavored cake enhanced with fresh brewed coffee. This particular layer cake was served at my friend Jonas' 8th birthday!

      Jonas got multiple birthday wishes this year...because the candles on his cake were the magic re-light variety. He also got a face full of cake soon after this photo was taken!


PS: Check out my recipes over @, a truly unique site!