Saturday, November 26, 2011


      Black Friday may be the day for malls and major retailers to claim their cut of the holiday sales but the first Saturday after Thanksgiving is now being claimed by small businesses as the day to "shop small." Lucky for me, I live in Santa Cruz, CA where most every store in the city is locally owned and operated. Today I will be visiting the downtown area to get started on some holiday shopping and my first stop is going to be Stripe! I love this local spot so much because the visual merchandising is always interesting and the variety of merchandise is also a treat. This store has everything from locally crafted leather handbags, to vintage clothing, and even the most random of nick knacks and housewares. If you ever find yourself in the Santa Cruz area, I suggest giving this local gem a look see! Especially today, when it is so important to support the small business in your area!

      One of my favorite things about Stripe is that this massive wall at the back of the store is constantly changing in drastic ways. I've seen it covered in antique plates and even paint brushes! On this visit, the wall was painted a shade of midnight blue and littered with sunburst mirrors to mimic the winter sky:

Loved this decorating idea, massive 
masculine antlers with lots of dainty mirrors:

This is a great stop for unique
 vintage boots as well:

Stripe even offers men's wear and 
children's items this holiday season!

Crafty clipboards hand from each fitting room:

      Have you finished your holiday shopping this year? If not, head to your favorite local businesses! Or even better yet, head on over to Stripe, one of my favorite stores in downtown Santa Cruz!



  1. Seems like a fun little store! I will have to visit next time I go to Santa Cruz.


  2. This looks like such a fun store! I love the way it is decorated.

  3. Oh I like the antlers too, cute store.


  4. I plan on shopping locally here in new orleans. Love everything that Stripe has to offer! Good for you for shopping locally! :D


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