Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Satan & Salt:

How was your All Hallows Eve?

I invited a couple friends over for an intimate 
costume party this past Saturday night. 

I wish I could have attended the party, 
but sadly my body was possessed by an 
evil demonic spirit that night: 

...And I terrorized all my party guests instead:

Not even Jesus himself could save me 
from evil on the scariest night of the year!

Did your October 31st involve any 
unruly and diabolical behavior?


PS: The dress I'm wearing is a vintage find (From Gunnisacks! Does anyone remember that retailer?). I also wore this to prom my freshman year of high school when I was 14! Nothing gives a girl more confidence than a bold red dress and I'm glad I had the opportunity to wear this garment again!


  1. Such a fun time! I have a few Gunne Sax dresses! They are always so fun. You looked fantastic as Satan!

  2. Gunne Sax as in Jessica McClintock? That was THE dress every girl coveted in high school! You look awesome in this get-up Nico! Ok so where to get a good sparkly clutch, I would suggest looking on ebay as well as Lauren Merkin. Too bad I didn't know you were in the market because L Merkin had 20% off site-wide on Monday!

  3. Loved the night, the weekend, and your dress! Such a fun evening and I'm glad I could spend it with Satan of Satan and Salt lol


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