Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picasso's Closet:

      When I was 18 years old, I moved away from my hometown of Stockton California and off to the city of San Jose where I got my first retail job at Gap. The woman who hired me took one look at the way I was dressed, asked if I was a creative person, and then asked if I was interesting in working on the store's window displays and the like. I ecstatically responded with an immediate "yes!" From that moment on I was sucked into the innovative retail world of store merchandising! So much of what I learned in that field came from the same woman who hired me, Tania Seifert, one of the most creative and talented persons I know. She has since left Gap to build and establish her very own boutique! Tania's store, Picasso's Closet, contains a wide array of clothing, home goods, accessories, as well as her very own art work. Being in her boutique makes you immediately feel like you have been transported into a vivid world of color, clothing, and fantasy. What girl could resist playing dress up in Picasso's Closet for at least a little while, or maybe even several hours? I even managed to get an interview with Tania herself! At the end of this post you will find her thoughts on art, fashion, and her amazing business!

Nico: Your boutique is so beautiful! When did you open?  How long did the renovation take you?

Tania: I had my grand opening on Nov 26th of 2010, Black Friday!!! Which was either a stupid or brave thing to do, I'm going with brave! My parents were here to help the last two weeks of my seven week renovation. That I might add I did with just me and a few good friends. 

Nico: What motivated you to open your own store?

Tania: Well I had been in retail for the last fifteen years and the last eight and half I was committed to my job at the GAP. I learned SO much about business, people, myself, and most of all the way different personality's work together. I could not have done this without the "retail boot camp" I put myself through. But I wanted to be creative and do my own thing. So Picasso's Closet is truly a dream come true!

Nico: How would you describe the style and over all ambiance of Picasso's Closet?

Tania: The style of my store? Well the people who know and love me say it looks like a direct reflection of my personality. It is my 3 favorite things. Art, Fashion, and home decor. I think that the space you create for yourself at home is just as important as your own person style in what you wear. And as far as the art goes...That has always been my passion and in my life. I believe it runs through my DNA somehow. My mother is an amazing artist and I was blessed with growing up with her ability to effortlessly "do it all."

Nico: Picasso's Closet is such an interesting name, how did you come up with it?

Tania: The name Picasso's Closet came from my little sister. I have always been inspired by Pablo Picasso and his use of color and fearlessness. I also wanted people to know that I had clothing and accessories (which you of all people know I'm obsessed with)  that is where the use of  "closet"" just worked.

Nico: Your store is filled with so much fantastic art, fashion, and housewares, what is your favorite item you sell?

Tania: My favorite item in the store right now is a line of charms I have called "Pick up sticks" the company is ran by to women and the line is corky and whimsical. They are my number one selling item and make amazing gifts!

Nico: I see that most of the art in your boutique are your own, what is it that inspires your pieces?

Tania: My art has changed a lot over the years as is with most artist however I am inspired by the most random things. Anything from flea markets, old books, other artist's, travel, the human body, my own thoughts in my head, and most of all I want to leave something behind. I want to inspire others to follow there gut, there heart, and their dream! If little Tania from a small town can do this, anyone can!

Nico: Can you tell me a little bit about your own personal style?

Tania: This is a hard one because I kinda just dress how and in what makes me feel good and confident. I love vintage pieces, modern classic pieces, and I love mixing an eclectic look together with accessories for an overall look that I feel resembles me. 

      Picasso's Closet is located in Burlingame, CA on 318 Lorton Ave. Tania, the owner, ships anywhere and always offers amazing merchandise with incredible customer service! Everything in the store is also under $100 dollars (except denim and art). Please "like" Picasso's Closet on facebook by clicking here and check out the boutique's 100% amazing reviews by hitting this link. I'll meet you there for the perfect dose of retail therapy!



  1. Omg this store looks amazing and I had no idea your old boss opened it! I also love how she opened it on Black Friday!

  2. Such a fun post! I agree black friday is a crazy day to open! Love the store and the merchandise!


  3. It's awesome that you've gone back to these people in your life. It reminds me that I should really try to keep in contact!

  4. What a fun, colorful looking shop! If I wasn't all the way in florida I'd totally stop by. Great blog, ps!

  5. This is a fantastic interview! Tania's store looks amazing, and everything is under $100? That is fantastic! The black friday opening was definitely bold but I think it was a great idea! I cannot believe you have 37" inseam! That's definitely hard to purchase jeans. glad you liked the consignment shopping post yesterday! I am definitely hooked :)

  6. LOVE THIS!!! THIS is the woman who would get some of my own style choices !


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