Thursday, November 17, 2011

A walk to Remember:

     Sunday I took a very long stroll across the town of Santa Cruz (my car broke down so I thought I'd try a different form of transportation). I have to say, I rather enjoyed it. Also made sure to layer with a scarf and hat for when the weather cooled down in the evening because it can get pretty chilly. Here are some snaps from my journey: 

Trinkets from one of my favorite stores 
downtown, Bessie Mae's Antiques:

I really loved these matching elephant ash trays: 

Another of my favorite local shops, Twist! Where I found the dress I'm wearing in this post. 

No matter how long I live here 
I still love the view of the wharf:



  1. Super cute! It's always fun to go exploring! Antique stores are exciting! Love the Elephants.

  2. Pretty!!! Love the shot of the jewelry... of course ;)


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