Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Bartram Wedding:

      Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding ceremony full of love in scenic Carmel, California. My friends Mike and Sabrina Bartram tied the knot under the warm sunshine surrounded by an intimate gathering of close friends and family. The bride and groom both looked amazing that day, the venue was lush and scenic, but to me the best part of the wedding was the sense of inclusion that the bride and groom provided. Not only are Sabrina and Mike eager to enjoy their own love for one another, but you can see them infecting their good cheer with whomever they interact with! These are two people that are amazing as individuals but together they seemed to have become a super duo of good spirits! There is no doubt in my mind that Mike and Sabrina will have a spectacular life together that not only benefits their own family but also their community. I am lucky enough to call these two extraordinary people my friends and I am elated that they can now call each other husband and wife! 

Managed to catch Sabrina right before the ceremony. Surprisingly, she was as calm and collected as could be! 

Sabrina and her sister/maid of honor Natalie are very close and it was was lovely to see their sisterly bond. However, one of my favorite moments of the evening was when Natalie formally announced Mike as her own brother, such a tender and sweet statement during her toast!

Lovely accessories at the wedding including Sabrina's silver starfish bracelet and an engraved butterfly necklace she gave to her sister. 

Sabrina being walked down the aisle by her mother. 

You could see the tear in Mike's eye when he saw Sabrina. 

Loved those faux floral spheres!

The bouquets and centerpieces were lovely that day, Natalie
created all of them herself that very morning!

      I was also very excited to be asked by the bride to do her makeup/hair for the wedding shower (seen here) as well as the wedding day! In these images, Sabrina is wearing MAC lipstick in the shade "MAC Red," liquid eyeliner by Lancome, and foundation by Makeup Forever. But let's be honest, she really didn't need any of it! 



  1. Absolutely beautiful ladies!

  2. Full of beautiful flowers!

  3. Lovely event & folks! Thank you for sharing, Nico. T.

  4. Hello from Spain: A very romantic wedding. You were very smart and grooms happy. Beautiful ceremony. Keep in touch

  5. Carmel is a picture perfect spot for a wedding. These two look blissfully happy. My sister was married in Carmel in 1989 and my mother just announced that she and her fiancee' (yes-she is a very chic 82 ;) plan to marry in Carmel in September.
    Love this post-pure happiness.
    Cheers, Heather

  6. The bride looks so beautiful and her makeup is impeccable done! What a wonderful and joyous event!

  7. Cute pics!

  8. She was a beautiful bride! These pics were so pretty.

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  10. Gorgeous pictures doll, she looks stunning!! Amazing day :)) xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  11. You took amazing photo's! I love candid shots way more than posed and her bouquets turned out so nice! Great job on the make-up.

  12. Sabrina looks so sweet. And her bouquet has amazing colors!


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