Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Archie's Girls for Mac Cosmetics:

      You know that question that keeps you awake at night or that nagging feeling at the pit of your stomach that never goes away? The eternal question that every girl struggles with at one point or another in her existance: am I a Betty, or am I a Veronica? I'm referring to Archie Comics of course, the eternal tale of an adorable ginger named Archie at Riverdale High School trying to decide between a lusty and rich brunette or a wholesome blonde girl next door type. Well ladies, the query is over, Mac Cosmetics has enabled us to not have to make up our minds by creating a makeup collaboration with Archie Comics! So if you could never decide if you loved Betty's innocent eyelashes or Ronnie's sultry pout more, now you can have both!
      As a child (okay maybe I still feel this way...) I adored Archie Comics! The pages saturated with bright colors and kitschy comments, how could I not? However, I always held a candle in my heart for Jug Head over Archie (I preferred his affinity towards cheeseburgers). And while I could never decide who Archie should be with: Betty, Veronica, or  even the semi-regular Cheryl Blossom, I do know why he had such a hard time deciding. The girls all wore the best MAC Cosmetics of course, to make themselves as pretty and irresistible as possible!

      Similar to my cookie addiction, I also happen to be a cosmetic junkie connoisseur. Years ago I actually worked for MAC and hoarded quiet the extensive collection at the time. As a previous MAC employee, I couldn't be more excited to simply purchase and enjoy this collaboration with Archie Comics rather than having to sell it to the masses at a Flagship location! "Archie's Girls for MAC Cosmetics" launches online @ www.MAC-Cosmetics.com January 31st and in stores on February 7th, just in time for Valentine's day! These are some of my favorite shades and colors from the upcoming collection:

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Lipstick in "Daddy's Little Girl"
(I'm dying for this one, my favorite shade!)

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Lipstick in "Girl Next Door"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Lipstick in "Ronnie Red"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Lipgloss in "Strawberry Malt"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Nail Lacquer in "Pep, pep, pep."

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Nail Lacquer in "Double Trouble"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Face Powder in "Veronica's Blush"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Powder Blush in "Cream Soda"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Powder Blush in "Prom Princess"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Pigment in "Lucky In Love"

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Pigment in "Cheers My Dear"

      I know I'll be wanting to dash out on February 7th to sample some of these comic book cosmetic goodies, will you?


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blueberry & Lemon Scones With White Chocolate Chips:

      There is this local cafe that makes thee best scones. I'm talking bacon and goat cheese scones, cinnamon pecan, and even cheddar cranberry jalapeno! It's considered a special occasion and a bit of an indulgence when I stop in for my favorite coffee drink and a pastry. When I say that these outings are a little indulgent, I am also saying that they are pricey. Heading out for a cup of joe and a bite to eat can become a costly endeavor so to save a few dollars I decided to make scones of my own (hey that rhymes)! I baked up a batch of sweet treats to have as snacks through out the week. I have never made scones from scratch and decided to give these buttery triangles a try. My head was buzzing as I tried to think of various flavor combinations... cinnamon, butter scotch, pecan or maybe cranberry & orange? In the end I whipped up a couple dozen flaky and buttery blueberry lemon scones with indulgent white chocolate chips. I've been munching on them all week in the early mornings for breakfast and they look and taste just as special as the ones from my favorite local bakery! 

     It's a wide known fact that Sundays are my absolute favorite days of the week! I hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of the weekend and taking good care!


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Thursday, January 24, 2013

He Said, She Said: #Talk Is Cheap

      Just some strange photos that I took with my computer after a photo shoot with MacClavey Photography recently. I typically do an "every day" type of make up look so it was especially fun to do something a bit more creative for a project! My friend Fanny said she liked my blue lipstick (which is actually eye shadow) so much that I should try it out on a regular basis, what do you think?

      Fanny also happened to draw my name for secret santa this past Christmas and I received this totally amazing phone attachment! It's fun to hear my phone ring (my ringtone is "Me, Myself, and I" by De La Soul) and pull this retro phone out of my handbag for a quick chat. People don't know what hit them.... or they think I am insane, either might be the case. 

      I've noticed that the galaxy and star prints have been in heavy rotation on many other blogs. I really love this peculiar trend but knew I wouldn't indulge myself by spending money on an item that I may not wear for years to come due to trendiness. However, my friend Katia let me have this dress (with rocketships about to take the air) from her enviable walk in closet! She bought it a couple of years ago while she was in high school and says that she wore it constantly, this leads me to believe that I may have this dress for a long time as well! Next time this dress goes out on the town with me I'd like to wear these orange shoes or this green bag for an extra pop of color!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Antiquing," as in shopping:

This complete double deck of cards from Tiffany & Co normally retails 
for $30 new but I like the patina of this $7 vintage example. 

      Santa Cruz holds her local antique fair every 2nd Sunday of the month just off of Pacific Avenue. The streets are littered with treasures from days past and trinkets awaiting a new home. I attend as often as I can but to be honest, my appearances are truly irregular. I do have a couple favorite vendors that I trust and return to time and time again. I can tell that they have genuinely put some thought into offering the casual-passer-by the absolute best in quality vintage merchandise at fair and low price points. While perusing the wares, it's still fun to haggle, but I try not to insult the vendor with ridiculous prices. Here are a couple vintage finds that I ended up taking home for their sabbatical: 

I didn't actually get the donut at the antique fair.... that plain cake donut with maple frosting and rainbow sprinkle confection is from O' Ferrel's Donut shop. They make sinfully yummy treats. Oh but hey... there is a vintage Tiffany's card in the back drop!)

I'm hoping these kicks are the real deal. If not, they were still a great price for a solid leather shoe. I'll ask my favorite shoe guy if they are authentic when I have them resoled!

These kicks are actually chocolate brown, a shade that was missing from my shoe collection.

I figured that for $5 bucks it was worth the price just for the highly fragrant soaps. The empty box lives in my bedroom and is the new home for capturing random bits and bobs.

I really LOVE this crazy furry bag by Vivienne Westwood, I truly cannot wait to wear it!

      Antiquing is a great way to find fantastic items at severely discounted prices. Additionally I love that each piece has a lot of character and patina. When shopping for pieces to add to my home I like to keep in mind three things:

1: Do I have a place to display or store this?
2: Does this item have a function that I will take advantage of? (Example: lamps, mirrors, and pretty tea trays all have functions. Large decorative objects may be pretty but they can take up space and sometimes add clutter, plus I feel more practical when I purchase logical items. 
3: Is the price right? (Answering this question is all a matter of personal opinion.)

      This helps me to avoid over spending or adding what I call "under utilized clutter accents" to my home. 

      Truly the best aspect of antiquing is that each piece I brought home with me is connected to a lovely afternoon spent combing booths and stalls, talking with my dad and boyfriend. Its nice when objects in our home remind us of moments enjoyed with loved ones!


Sunday, January 20, 2013


Waiting for Spring....

Waiting for Spring.... by nsaich featuring a bow shirt

      I've said it once, I will likely say it 1,000+ more times but I am SO looking forward to Spring time. The frost melting away to reveal fresh floral print dresses, pastel polishes adorning my nails, and warm weather produce surfacing at the local farmer's market. Valentine's Day is also around the corner which is one of my favorite holidays! I never really need an excuse to tell others how much I adore them but Valentines Day makes my habits seem less unusual. I also believe that February 14th is one of those days toward the beginning of Spring where I get to create a ton of goodies to satisfy any sweet tooth! For example these peanut butter cups or some baked mini donuts. For now I'm waiting out Winter wrapped up in cozy blankets with a warm drink and picking out my favorite Spring style selections on Polyvore

     How are you hibernating these chilly days?


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heather Point:

Hat- Tarnish (super old via Nordstrom), Necklace- Featured Here
Dress- Express, Belt-Gap, Watch- Michael Kors, Bag- Vintage Coach
(Similar here), Wedges- Cynthia Vincent (via Crossroads)

      Hats seem to make their way out the door with me lately (as seen just recently here). But this particular hat is especially versatile and one of my top tier favorites. I've worn it during rainy gloomy days and even on sweet summery afternoons. The wide brim makes this hat ideal for avoiding both misty rains or harsh sunlight. On this particular morning I wore my beloved hat to Heather Point in La Selva Beach. This mostly forgotten hillside is in bloom with rustic purple Heather flowers right now and I couldn't resist the idea of snapping a few photos.  

My favorite Boulder Opal & Hessonite necklace that I made.

      Despite the pretty sunshine it was actually freezing when I took these pictures. I'm getting super antsy for Spring with each passing day! I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday, be well. 


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Small Morsels:

A paper crane tea party on top of an Alexander McQueen scarf. 

      One of my most cherished friends once told me "Nico, you are as mad as a hatter, and that's why we all love you." He was right, not only do I have an excessive affinity towards Alice In Wonderland, but I am also a bit eccentric... I have hosted mad tea parties in my backyard with close friends, even baked my own "Unbirthday Cake," just because! I like to celebrate my strangeness, do you?

A very merry "Unbirthday Cake!"

Alice In Wonderland inspired art that I purchased from a
 girl selling prints in downtown Santa Cruz. 

Perfectly chewy home made salted chocolate chip cookie from Cafe Delmarette.

Pumpkin spice latte (also from Cafe Delmarette) made with
 hemp milk, a favorite for me this season!

No special occasion needed to visit Buttercup Cakes Bakery!

Sweet socks (a steal from Forever 21 for $1.50) with YSL tribute loafers.