Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Beachcomber's Island Dream:

Sunglasses- Chloe via Neiman Marcus Last Call, Tank- Target, Bathing Suit- Victoria's Secret, Pineapple Necklace-
 Maui Diver's Jewelry, Wrap Skirt- Vintage Escada, Sandals- DVF

      I have long since returned from my trip to Maui, however I am still enjoying sifting thru images from the island on my camera. I can still imagine the comforting sun on my skin and the faint scent of plumeria trees clinging to the salty ocean air. This particular beach in Lahaina was dotted with bits of ocean treasure, including coral, along the shore. More of this exotic mermaid loot lay waiting to be discovered in the clear blue waters and I relished the chance to snorkel for hidden gems on the ocean floor. I feel so lucky to carry this memory with me even now, while back at home in Santa Cruz.   

A favorite travel brush shaped like dinosaur bones along with some coral I collected (Notice the piece shaped like a heart?).

I was fortunate enough to spot not just one, but two gigantic sea turtles while snorkeling near Black Rock. Considering the fact that my get away was only 29 hours, I felt so elated to see such gentle creatures in their natural habitat by sheer chance and luck.

Chanel nail colour #521 Rose Cache.

     One of the most cherished elements of this trip was that I got to accompany my close friend Bridgett who I have know since I was 14 years old. Not only did we grow up together in Stockton, but we have also spent years living in the same city of Santa Cruz together. Until this trip, we had never savored a vacation together and I am now happy to cross that item off of my bucket list. Bridgett graduated with a degree in photography and was kind enough to snap all of these photos, special thanks for that! 


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  1. Amazing photos, I like your outfit, so summery. :)

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  2. I love that second shot of you! Such a perfect look for the beach :) And you found such amazing pieces, I'm always jealous when I look at your instagram, ha ha
    Trips with friends are always the best, I was just on a weekend trip with my best friends :)

  3. You look gorgeous doll, love the beach :)) I collect rocks shaped like hearts, these were lovely :)) I hope you are well & have a great Thursday xx

  4. A beautiful woman enjoying a luscious getaway! Way to go, Nico!!! xo T.

  5. We must do it again someday! <3

  6. You look so beautiful! Felt like I was there...and I LOVE that escada skirt! ;)

  7. Hi Nico! Glad you had such an amazing time, would love to visit it too! The photos are gorgeous and you really look great!:) Sea turtles are too sweet! Kisses dear! xo

  8. Great pics, you are so pretty and I think you should show your face more often over here ;)

  9. Que lindas fotos y me imagino lo hermoso del lugar, se ve lindo tu pareo

  10. Love these photos, so pretty! :)


  11. Love ur looK!!! And the travel comb... a favorite!!! Need it! :D


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