Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maui In 29 Hours:

Beach combing was my favorite way to get from place to place.

      Last Sunday I was lucky enough to jet set off to Maui for a quick get away vacation. I flew stand by for the first time in my life and for anyone else who has attempted it, you know how nerve wracking it can feel in the airport! However, once I boarded that plane I could feel the excitement welling up in my stomach like butterflies and not just because we were leaving the ground! I anticipated lazy swaying palm trees, lush foliage, and a photo worthy view from every direction that my eyes could see. Once arriving, Hawaii did not disappoint in the slightest! In a place where the sky is typically pink at some point during the day, it's hard not to see the world thru rose colored glasses!

Small preview of an upcoming post.

That pink sky that I love so much.

Pineapple lamps at the hotel that I wanted to take home with me.

A tiki that greeted me as I walked onto the beach.

This wasn't my first time in Hawaii, but it was my first time on Maui and being able to see a neighboring island from the shore!

The comfiest white bed and bathrobe at my hotel.

Reading material I brought along paired with treasure that I found. Coral, sea glass, and shells
were some of my most prized gifts from the ocean while on this trip.

One of the views from the lanai (AKA: balcony).

Loved hearing the wind in the leaves of these slender palm trees while taking long walks.

Souvenirs I adored but did not buy. 



  1. Looks so gorgeous! You've got me looking up airfare.

  2. Fabulous photos! You look as lovely as ever, Nico! What a wonderful trip (and I adore your reading selection!)! xo T.

  3. Sooo jealous! It looks like you had such an amazing time!! I love the photo with all your findings :D

  4. It looks amazing! I've never been!

    xo Jennifer

  5. This looks amazing doll, I would love to get away to a play like this ;)) x

  6. amazing pictures! I have never been somewhere green and warm like that just bigger cities, it may be time to look into a mini vacation like this:)


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