Monday, October 13, 2014

Bedroom Tour:

I have a pair of these white elephants as bedside tables.
They were originally used in the foyer of my father's home
but I love them as compact bedside tables for a room the
size of a sardine can. 

     A few weeks ago I shared a special Bouquets on Mondays post that was photographed in my bedroom. I've spent a whole lot of time in my room (at least one third of my life sleeping!) and I wanted to share how I have created a serene living space that literally feels like you are waking up on a cloud. I love a mostly all white color palette in my bedroom and I mix in accent colors with black and fresh flowers. Because I live in a small apartment also I like to bring lots of natural rocks and quartz crystals into my room so I at least feel like I'm closer to nature. These are just a few small ways I make my bedroom more inviting and cozy, what are some of your decor tricks?

There isn't a lot of room for decorative objects in my room that aren't also functional so I like to display my perfume collection for something pretty to look at while getting dressed in the morning. Chanel Chance is my top favorite fragrance at the moment.

I love floral arrangement and you can witness
how I created this vase of roses here

Adding lots of mirrors to the white walls of my bedroom helps
create the appearance of more space, plus it's in a functional
 location on the opposite wall of my closet.  

I found this envelope wall storage at Marshall's which is perfect for creating storage space with out taking up valuable floor space in a small apartment.

I'm the type of girl that adores plants and flowers. I always
 try to have something green and fresh in each room. for my
bedroom I have a fiddle leaf fig tree which is also a necklace
organizer, I hang my special jewels from the branches for display. 

My love for rocks and minerals is endless and the soft glow
of this spherical salt lamp is perfect for leaving on at night.

      If you are curious about where I purchased the items in my bedroom here is a breakdown for you:
*White Bedding- Target
*White Elephants- Family heirloom
*Chest of Drawers- Vintage, Goodwill
*Plants/Fig Tree- Probuild
*Bedside Lamps- Home Goods
*Candles- Diptyque
*Mirrors- Home Goods
*Salt Lamp- Mountain Spirit
*Crystals- Mountain Spirit
*Faux Fur Blankets- World Market


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jewelry by

Hand collected green sea glass wrapped with copper wire and strung with apatite gemstone chips.

      When I was a very little girl my dad would take me to a store called Global Beads in Mountain View and he would let me create my own jewelry. At the time, the bead store was located in a very small location but was filled from wall to wall with the most color I had ever seen in my short lived life. Each and every nook and cranky contained treasure yet to take on a new life. Creating my own accessories has been a passion ever since. I get lost in the tedious detail, the functional yet beautiful construction.... the colors. 

Fresh water pearls and mermaids hang against a backdrop of green sea glass that has been hand collected and hand drilled paired with silver toned hardware.  

A teardrop blue kyanite pendant rests between a beaded strand of amazonite, apatite, and tanzanite.

Hand drilled rose quartz gemstone wire wrapped in copper and paired with copper chain. 

Necklace constructed with natural genuine quartz point with an ombre of fresh water pearls.

A necklace with interchangeable hand drilled sea glass pendants in a trio of blue, frosty white, and amber tones. 

Hand collected and drilled blue sea glass wire wrapped with copper and strong on a cord of hemp. 

     These days in addition to visiting bead stores and crystal shops for jewelry supplies I also like to collect sea glass for my creations. Sea glass started it's journey as glassware that was dumped into the ocean long ago. The sea waves tumble the broken and rough edges of the glass into a gem like quality and if you are lucky you can find bits of these pieces of history on the ocean's shore!
     I've spent the past several months creating special gemstone and ocean inspired pieces as well as building an etsy shop to share them with you all! Please follow my journey as I manifest my dreams!


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Monday, August 11, 2014

Bouquets On Mondays: Green Roses & White Light

      There's something about bringing fresh blooms into the home that I find completely comforting. Having a bit of nature to keep me company while contained in four white walls and carpeting feels like an indulgence. At times it seems most of us are disconnected from nature on a continual and perpetual basis... but it really is true that you need to stop and smell the green roses every so often!   

For this arrangement, start with a bunch of your favorite shade of roses, I selected green.

Prepare the roses by plucking off any damaged outer petals and remove the leaves. Fill a vase of your choice with fresh water to keep the stems fresh and hydrated.

Cut the stems at the appropriate length for your vase and arrange them within the vessel. Be sure to cut stems at an angle because this helps the blooms get more H20 and promotes freshness.

I love adding a scented candle beside my bouquets for extra "oldfactory wowing." This candle is from Blithe & Bonny. I love it because it is handmade, has a unique scent (hyacith & heliotrope), and burns down evenly)

Adorable mushroom matches are also from previously mentioned Blithe & Bonny. I love how this useful item is also pretty enough to display. 

Voila! The finished product

      I picked up this affordable bunch of roses at Safeway for just $10. I have also found that their roses tend to look the best and last the longest (other lovely examples here and here). When the floral arrangement is on it's last leg, I love to dry the roses for additional future bouquets when fresh flowers aren't in the budget. 
      Hope this inspires you to create your own floral arrangement and perks you up this Monday!


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Friday, July 11, 2014

Lodi Art Hop:

      With Friday upon us, I'd love to invite you to attend the Lodi Art Hop @ 125 South Hutchins Street from 6:30 to 8! I will be sharing my collection of coastal inspired jewelry featuring hand collected sea glass, abalone, and hawaiian shells all paired with semi precious stones and crystals! I will also have tons of succulents that I have grown myself displayed in terrariums for all those looking to expand their Summer gardens or to simply get started! Hope to see you there!


Monday, March 24, 2014

DIG Design, Interiors, & Garden

This succulent display has me wanting a radio flyer real bad
these days. Hoping to stumble upon a vintage one sometime. 

     I loved showcasing some of my sea shell collection in this post but it was really the creature like air plants that stole the show. It's no secret that I love both nature and shopping and some of my favorite finds have been scored at DIG, here in Santa Cruz. DIG (Design, Interiors, Garden) is the home of thousands of plants & flowers all worthy of being showcased as permanent decor in your living space. I know I typically showcase a bouquet on Monday (previous arrangements found here and here) but I thought this week I would share a favorite spot for blooms and branches instead!

Build your own terrarium bar! Loved this table filled
with shells and stones, perfect for getting creative.

Those beautiful purple blooms are actually luxurious candles!
I'd love to float a couple in a clear bowl of water.

Seriously drooling over these little moss and succulent planters, so very rustic and charming.

The patio areas of DIG are filled with lovely displays and planters, I sort of wish I could bring a picnic basket and blanket to the backyard and sit down for meal.

Wishing I could transport this entire table into my home.


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Monday, March 3, 2014

Bouquets On Mondays: Sea Creatures

      I cannot remember a time when I did not love the sea. I've always been fond of dragging bits of the ocean back home with me and that tradition has been endless. I found a trio of strange looking air plants and let them rest in empty shells for their new homes. Don't you think they look like little sea creatures? Perfect floral arrangements for anyone's inner mermaid or merman. 


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