Monday, February 3, 2014

Bouquets on Mondays: Tiffany & Co

     I've always been in favor of reusing things that may have otherwise been discarded. A left over bag from Tiffany's is too pretty to end up in the trash, so instead I created a tote filled with pure white roses! These are some of my absolute favorite flowers for perhaps a very unusual reason. I heard once that in the past, people would hang a white rose stem above the entrance and exit to a party or gathering. This white rose was viewed as a symbol of silence and having an arrangment or stem displayed at a social gathering ensured that whatever conversations were had while attending a festive event, were never to be repeated outside the walls of the venue. I hope that by proudly displaying this centerpiece, my guests will always know that they are with trust worthy company. 

Tip: Cutting the stems of flowers and plants at an angle helps
 them absorb more water and increases their longevity. 


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  1. It's beautiful doll, love that tiffany blue against the white :) xx

  2. What a smart idea! It looks beautiful :)

  3. the white rabbit reminded me of Alice in Wonderland! Can't wait for who to air again.

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