Monday, January 27, 2014

Bouquets on Mondays:

Quartz crystals, prongs of ferns, chrysanthemums, and 
delicate baby's breath surround a single white rose bud.

I love waking up to fresh sunlight hitting these stems and jewels.

      Mondays can typically induce feelings of discontent, dismay, or dissatisfaction. The sparkle of the weekend has faded and the idea of beginning yet another week can seem utterly gloomy. However, instead of disliking "the Mondays," perhaps a slight shift in perspective is in order! Give yourself  something slightly frivolous to anticipate and look forward to; whether it's a steaming cup of extra strong coffee from your favorite cafe or perhaps relaxing in a hot bath the moment you are home. Remind yourself to welcome a new week filled with seemingly endless possibilities instead of dread. And don't worry, if you can't beat your case of "the Mondays," I'll have a bouquet waiting for you right here : )


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  1. Long time no see Nico :) I always have super good coffee on mondays, coz the iguana eats anything green, and even flowers :)
    x, Lara

  2. Hello from Spain: great flowers. Keep in touch

  3. Love the way you arrange flowers and word things! Have a nice day! ME

  4. Beautiful! Makes my toes curl... :)

  5. This is beautiful doll :) It's good to do things like this on a Monday or even in winter for me, keeps the blues away!! xx

  6. Oooo, pretty pretty. I love fresh flowers.

  7. So pretty. :)

    Keep in touch,


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