Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Year A New Sunrise Each Morning:

    Another year has waved hello and then goodbye all too quickly and I'm excited and enthusiastic to give 2014 a warm welcome! While considering a new year and all that is has to offer, I realized that nothing could symbolize renewed hope more so than a sunrise. It is my desire to treat each and every sun up with resilient enthusiasm and I also wish the same for you as well!

     I captured these images at a local beach in the area called Seacliff in Aptos, California. This precious gem of a spot has been a great source of comfort to me this past year. I have spent many very early mornings here getting some healthy exercise and collecting bits of treasure lapped up onto the sandy shore. On this particular visit however, I spent time with a friend discussing our New Year's Eve plans as well as goals we had for the upcoming calender turn. Although I do not typically commit myself to making a resolutions, I decided this year was the exception:

-Open an Etsy shop for my jewelry designs
-Seek inspiration often and blog my findings religiously
-Do what makes me feel happiness 
-Read often
-Explore my country's landscape 
-Spread kindness like an infectious disease

     What are some thoughts you have on the upcoming year? Any resolutions for 2014? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!



  1. Lovely pics and fab intentions for this new year! Big hugs, T.

  2. These photos are gorgeous! And those are great goals - looking forward to the etsy shop ;)
    My goals are just to try and enjoy my life and make the most out of every day.

  3. Great post love and beautiful pics!

  4. Happy New Year doll...I hope you achieve all your goals, they are fabulous. Love these pictures xx

  5. Beautiful photos. Good luck with your new year goals! You can totally do it! :) I have set a few goals for myself for the new year as well which include...

    • Reach my goal weight of 125 lbs
    • Pass my teacher certification test
    • Workout at least 3-4 times a week
    • Read at least 4 books
    • Keep a positive attitude
    • Find a way to attend NY Fashion Week
    • Save up to buy my first Prada bag
    (There has to be at least one outlandish goal lol)

  6. Beautiful and inspiring! I can feel the joy and inspiration you felt capturing these moments! Happy 2014, and good luck with all your goals and hopes. :)

  7. Joy cometh in the morning.
    What an absolutely beautiful post.

  8. gorgeous photos and awesome to make such good goals!!

  9. A perfect sunset on a perfect beach! It’s too late for the holidays but you got a precious and inspiring photo here. I love to travel a lot and finding new things and this year is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this stunning image!

    Sebastian Chuter


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