Monday, January 9, 2012

Introducing MacClavey Photography:

      In my eyes, beauty isn't something that you are born with. To me, beauty is something you have to create.  I love these photographs because I was able to contribute by doing my own makeup for the shoot. Maggie, the talented woman responsible for photographing these images is someone I greatly admire for being able to create beauty in everything she sees in front of her camera lens. Her pictures bring forth the best qualities in people, I hope that one day I will be able to showcase each person's own unique beauty thru my styling and creative nature just as Maggie has been able to highlight my own unique spark. 
      Also, thank you so much to my amazing readers for helping me reach over 10,000 hits! I am so grateful! 


PS: You can view Maggie's online collection of work by clicking here.


  1. Ohh you look so pretty...great job on the makeup :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Awesome photos :) Love the balloons - how fun! Happy Monday

  3. Amazing pics and gorgeous blog!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  4. This photos are absolutely stunning! I LOVE the make-up you did. The balloons are so fun yet elegant at the same time.

    xx, Ally

  5. Love the color schemes! stunning colors :)

    xo Nav

  6. Hey you look pretty ! very nice blog! i think that maybe we can follow each other (fb, blogger...) come to see my blog and tell me =)

  7. Great photoshoot..Love it..:)Following u immediately:)
    follow me back?:P



  8. Loving the style of the photos! awesome!You have my support! Me and my fabulous partner are DESIGNING, MAKING AND SELLING AUTHENTIC, HAND MADE VEGAN SHOES! want some?!Come be a part of our journey and find out all the wittle details :)!! and give us some feedback! xoxo-Mumu support a good cause!

  9. So insanely gorgeous - the balloons are genius!


  10. Congratulations on reaching the 10K hits! I remember how exciting it was! Your photos are gorgeous, I love the balloons and the green eyeshadow. I am super excited to see you style your coloured jeans :)

  11. Love the photoshoot. Congratulations on reaching 10k.

    You look gorgeous.

  12. Nico, these photos are fabulous girl! I love your makeup and the props. You look so good! Excellent photographer.


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