Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue School Daze:

Sunglasses- Betsey Johnson, Blazer- Forever21, Top-Express,
Denim- Vintage, Bag-Marc Jacobs (very similar here), Watch- Michael Kors (Get it here), Gifted Evil Eye bracelets, Sandals- Marc Jacobs

      I have to admit, I'm actually wearing this outfit now as I type this post! This ensemble is a culmination of everything I love in my closet. My over worn Betsey Johnson sun specs, bold blue blazer (previously worn here in my first ever outfit post!), vintage denim (I scored while I was visiting this travel destination), and finally some Marc Jacobs (the bag and shoes). I found these shoes on ebay over a year ago but they needed to have the heel repaired. I finally took them in to my favorite shoe cobbler and now they no longer keep the cobwebs in my closet company! Okay, I don't actually have spiders and cobwebs in my closet but these amazing shoes were sitting in there unloved for quite a long time! 

       Do you repair your broken shoes 
or do you replace them?



  1. Love blue, those shoes are precious! I have stuff from my teenage years that I still wear & if it's broke I try and get them fixed first before I think of replacing it!! You look great! x

  2. I love the pics by the school bus.... why do I envision you skipping school???? Love the attitude that jumps off of your pictures :) I did get a heel repaired once (although sometimes I use a broken heel as an excuse to buy new shoes)... you look great dear!


  3. Lovely post! You look great.
    Well, if the shoes are really broken, I tend to replace them!

    Shall we follow each other?


  4. Great outfit! Love the quilted handbag. I always repair my shoes -- it's a great way to save money and make a great pair last for years. xo style, she wrote

  5. You look gorgeous in this cobalt blue. It's one of my favorite colors and you're wearing it well.

    And I always, always try to get shoes repaired before buying new ones. It's less expensive and less of a waste.

  6. These pics came out better than I thought they would. You look good as always.

  7. I replace them :D I like your outfit a lot - it's very pretty :))
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    Joanna from

  8. Hi dear! I'm here! Love tour blue blazer and your shoes! I'll wait on my blog!

  9. Depending on how much they cost, I'll get them repaired. El cheapo's get replaced. HAHAHA Nico, I adore your outfit girl. Super fab!

  10. thanks for your comment!!
    i like your style :)
    i follow you !!

  11. You look amazing! Love your blog!!! invited to my blog <3

  12. It depends on the shoe but I am so bad about taking mine to the cobbler most of the time they are pitched! Nico, I read on another blog that there is a brand from the UK here is the link that sells 37" inseam jeans :) Thought of you right away. The blog is:

  13. Fantastic photos! Love the blue against the yellow!


  14. Nico, I LOVE this outfit! Cobalt blue suits you perfectly! And did you say Marc Jacobs? Yesss, please :) I always have my shoes repaired, it would be such a shame to toss them just because of the heel! A good shoe cobbler is equally important as a great tailor!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  15. Great look! Your hair looks amazing!

  16. You look amazing in these pictures! I love the blue blazer- it pops so well, making you look professional yet fashionable :)
    And I know where to take my broken shoes from now on! I love that you found a cobbler!

  17. If they're staples to my wardrobe, repair for sure!

    I totally would wear this outfit... I swear I have some of the same pieces. I love the classic cobalt blue and black wardrobe!

    Ashley Marie


  18. I always repair my faves. I love this outfit. That blue is electric. It's my favorite color these days.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment. It's nice to meet you.


  19. Love the bright blue blazer and Marc Jacobs bag! What a perfect outfit. I've never repaired shoes before but I have been investing in some slightly more expensive, classic pairs that I hope to keep around so I'm in search of a cobbler I can entrust with them.

  20. I really like that color blue on you!

    xo Jennifer


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