Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hair Today, Gone tomorrow:



      If you didn't notice, I haven't posted one of my daily outfits for quite some time. Don't worry, I have a legit excuse! I had some intense dental work done earlier this month and I have been very swollen so my mug shot hasn't been looking that amazing as of late. Not to mention I hadn't dyed my hair in potentially three months and the 2 inches of black outgrowth looked pretty unsightly on me. However, I recently visited my talented hair dresser for a dye job. On this particular visit I got what I may always refer to as "the best hair cut of my life." She added a cool ashy blonde to the top layers of my hair creating an ombre effect. A hair dying technique that allows the hair to fade from a dark root to a bright and light shade at the ends. I couldn't be happier with the results and something tells me that when my dark hair starts to grow in, this color and style will look even more fantastic! You may also notice that my hair grew quite a bit longer. Confession time, I wear extensions! I have worn extensions even before I started this blog and hopefully you hadn't noticed! Katie, my hairdresser, always does a fantastic job of keeping my hair healthy, maintained, and above all, beautiful. She is extremely professional and my personal favorite hair dresser. I've never met anyone so talented with hair coloring, cutting, and styling. Normally I have severe anxiety when I'm in that salon chair, but not with Katie, she always ensures that I look my best! Katie works at Rage hair salon in Campbell, California. You can reach her by calling her directly at (408)316-9770 or by calling Rage salon at (408)866-4247. 



  1. Nice hair!

  2. Great shots.

    Good hair is a must.

    I've worn extension on and off for the last couple of years. I'm getting a cut today.

    Again, looking good and hope you're healing well from your dental procedures.

  3. hey your hair is lovely! sometimes I love to style my hair like you, for special occasions... have a nice day!

    Cheers, Helen

  4. great pics......we should definitely kip in touch, follow me and i will follow right back...xoxo

  5. I love your hair and can't wait to see it in person!! The ombre effect is so popular right now and perfect for when you're natural color starts growing back


  6. Looks really good! Hope the recovery is going well!

  7. I love the color of your new hair!

  8. love the new hair!! It's is so cute. Great styling.


  9. Never could tell you had extensions! Your hair looks great!

    xo Jennifer


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