Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cake Pops:

      I have fond childhood memories of savoring cherry lollipops on the front steps of my parents house and whoever decided to merge that traditional treat with luscious cake  to create "cake pops" was a total visionary in my eyes. I used my favorite earl grey tea batter for the cake and coated the pops with chocolate and lots of sprinkles for extra flair. Use a special cake-pop-pan and candy melts to complete this project with simplicity and ease. Oh and be sure to follow a couple of my helpful tips:

Get your cake-pop-pan here.

When using a cake pop pan bake at a lower temperature.
(325 degrees was perfect for my oven)

Coat the cake pops in candy melts (they are microwaveable, how simple is that?)

To ensure that the lollipop stick stays in the cake, dip it in melted chocolate
and press it into the cake. Let the chocolate solidify in the fridge. 

Dip/coat the cake pops in the candy melts, add sprinkles, and let 
harden in the fridge until you are ready to serve them up!

Add ribbons to make these cake pops look like "rattles."
Perfect for a baby shower!

The best part about cake pops? 
No dirty plates or forks to wash!



  1. Yummy! Correction: perfect for every occasion, not just a baby shower ;)

  2. I've seen a variety of cake pops on the foodie scene. I haven't tried them yet. I assumed that they were covered in frosting. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I may try a Starbucks one over the weekend.

  3. Of course there is a cake pan for this - I was wondering how those little balls were made :) These are the best inventions ever - I'm drooling just looking at 'em!!!!


  4. Mmm, these look delicious! I love your food posts <3
    Always make my tummy grumble haha.
    A cake pop is just too cute and a perfect treat to try!


  5. So fun! Super cute and I am sure super delicious!

  6. Thats so cute and fun!! Thanx for your lovely comment...Would be glad if we can connect at Bloglovin too

    My Bloglovin Page

  7. Ummm..yum!! These are wonderful!! Most definitely going to have to make them for my girls!! Gorgeous...hope you are having a great week so far dear Nico!! xox


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