Saturday, March 31, 2012

Santa Cruz Coffee House Feature: Verve

      It is a long standing fact that I love Cafe Delmarette here in Santa Cruz, CA. What you may not know is that Dalmarette whips up delicious lattes and cappuccinos made from Verve coffee beans. Imagine my delight when Verve Coffee House opened on the downtown strip! A spacious and open venue with modern art pieced adorning the walls as well as beautiful lighting set the mood for the perfect spot to enjoy your daily cup of joe. On this occasion I ordered the most delicious (and picture perfect) latte ideal for a quick boost!

      Verve Coffee House is located on 1540 Pacific Ave, in Downtown Santa Cruz or click here to be directly connected to Verve's main web page for information on additional locations and store hours. 



  1. Wow....just wow.... *_*
    If I ever pass through, I am SO stopping at this cafe! I'd be there all the time if I lived close by haha

    Trendy Teal

  2. What a great spot! Thanks for stopping by CoCo Wray!


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