Friday, March 2, 2012

Bella Vita Boutique:

      While picking up supplies for an upcoming bridal shower I passed by Bella Vita Boutique in downtown Santa Cruz. I couldn't resist the glimmering accessories taunting me from the store window and sure enough I found myself inside. The interior of the location is painted a stark white and dotted with some of the most exceptional accessories you can find. My personal favorite pieces are the ones made up of type writer keys (see what I mean about remarkable?). Vintage art and photographs are also displayed on every wall and Sue (the location's owner) is such a charming delight! Take a peek at what she has to offer at Bella Vita Boutique:

     Bella Vita Boutique is located at 109 Cooper Street in Downtown Santa Cruz 95060. You can contact the store by dialing (831)458-2800.



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