Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY: Nautical Centerpieces

      My dear friends Bianca and Johnathan got hitched recently and I was lucky enough to attend their fabulous wedding that was full of love, good cheer, and many blessings! I was also asked by Bianca to create some adorable table centerpieces for the big day as well. The wedding was right here in Santa Cruz and the bride and groom decided on a nautical theme for their special day. Vases wrapped in sturdy rope were off set by delicate flowers as well as a simple starfish and the centerpieces were perfect for the occasion! The best part? They were inexpensive and easy to assemble, here's how:

- Vases (The ones I used were scored at goodwill for just a few dollars)
- Starfish 
- Floral Foam
- Hot Glue Gun (With glue!)
- Flowers of your choice 
- Rope

Getting Started:
1: Begin by using the hot glue gun to glue rope around the entire vase. When you get to the top of the vase, cut some additional rope and insert the tattered and cut end into the vase where it won't be seen. 

2: Add small pieces of floral foam into the bottom of the vase, then add water into the vase as well.

3: Arrange cut flowers in the floral foam to your liking. I used gerbera daisies for this project.

4: Repeat assembly process until all centerpieces are complete. For the finishing touch, glue a starfish to the side of the vase!

      I had a lot of fun putting together these centerpieces. I was even more proud to contribute my creativity and time to Johnathan and Bianca on their special day (which also happened to be my birthday... which made the celebration even better!) I hope that this project inspires you to get creative too!



  1. Those are wonderful doll, love the flowers :) Very sweet theme and easy to do as well, I like it! Hope you have a great day xx

    La Femme Nouvelle

  2. Um how cute are these! I think I've attempted maybe 3 DIYs in my life and they come out super ugly haha

    xo Jennifer


  3. These are beautiful and so simple, girl!Love this! With thanksgiving quickly approaching I can't help but keep thinking about what you might be cooking up in your kitchen and how i wish so, so badly we could make a feast together!

    hope its a happy one<3


  4. what beautiful arrangements Nico! you did a fabulous job! you're always so creative :)


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