Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way:

     Last week when I posted this Halloween inspired cake I also mentioned that I had the chance to dress up for an intense costume party. Well, here is my costume reveal, Jessica Rabbit from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" I know Halloween isn't officially until tomorrow but I couldn't resist posting! I first purchased this sparkly red dress for my Freshman Winter Formal while I was in high school and not only did it fit last year for my Satan costume but it worked out perfectly for this year's costume as well. I'm not into spending loads of cash on my regalia each year so it's important for me to use what I already have. Have you figured out what your costume will be? Try getting some inspiration from your own closet first before purchasing something new that you will likely never wear again. Oh, and have a happy and safe Halloween!

     And in case you aren't familiar with Jessica Rabbit, here is a reference point:


Monday, October 29, 2012

Men's Style Monday:

     Shahin Gutierrez is my boyfriend but he also happens to have amazing personal style (all with out any help from me!). I have never met a guy that is more adventurous and bold in their fashion choices. Will he wear purple sweaters? Sure! How about white snakeskin sunglasses? Heck yes! It's always fun to go shopping with Shahin because he will try on anything and everything! Trying on lots of options is essential to finding the right wardrobe. I think many of us avoid the fitting rooms at all costs as well as being afraid to try on new trends or styles because we think we know what looks best on us. But take a cue from Shahin, you never know what might look stellar until you try it on! Today Shahin is wearing a classic navy blue pea coat and denim khakis along with a tribal inspired plaid shirt and a pair of unusual retro sunglasses to keep the look interesting and current. 

Sunglasses- Goodwill, Coat- Target (currently in stores), Shirt- Target (currently in stores), Necklace- Self Made, Pants- Forever 21 (currently in stores), Bag- Nordstrom Rack, Shoes- Shoe Biz

     Do you avoid the fitting rooms like me or do you like to try on everything like Shahin?


Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Case Of The Stares:

     Just the other day I was unloading my box of winter clothing that has been in hibernation all Summer. Although the sunnier days are my most favorite, I was happy to find a few bits of warm weather clothing from last year that brought a smile to my face. Like this sweater dress, which was a major score at Marshall's last year but it was a bit too long for my taste. I had it hemmed and the new length makes it a garment that I will love wearing this year and hopefully (if I take good care of it) winters to come! 

Hat- Forever 21, Coat- Kenneth Cole Reaction, Sweater Dress- Calvin Klein, Watch- Michael Kors, Charm Bracelet- Juicy Couture, Bag- Vintage Coach, Shoes- Michael Michael Kors, Sunglasses- Vintage Gucci


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Winter Reading:

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, I have read this several times thru out my life
and I love it! The world is at war with an alien race and young children are being
trained for space combat, a great read for young adults and guys. When I found out
 the movie was going to be released next year (starring Harrison Ford!) I knew I had
 to reread it again!

      My friend Ivana (over at Macaroons & Pearls) has been posting about her latest reads and I thought to myself "What a wonderful idea!" Since the rainy season is upon us, I know I will be spending less time in my garden and more time inside reading books. Although my physical body will be wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket accompanied by a hot cup of tea, my imagination (with the help of a few books!) will be off having amazing adventures and learning new knowledge. I have a very eclectic taste in books so I am sure there is a subject for everyone in my selection. Take a quick peek at what I am reading now and I will let let you guys in on my reviews in a few weeks! 

I found this in an old box and I'm excited to read local ghost stories
 by candle light in the coming days before Halloween.

I found Style by Lauren Conrad in a discount bin and decided to give Lauren
Conrad a chance. I never watched The Hills or Laguna Beach so I don't know much about her but I love her clothes in all the tabloid magazine pictures that I see in the grocery store!

Lemons and Lavender  by Billee Sharp: I admit that I have already begun reading this one. Full of interesting content on a variety of subjects like how to start your own garden, start a budget, making your own holiday gifts, and plenty of other ways to reduce your home spending, how to utilize the environment, and live better! I can't wait to pick it up again to be honest. 

Gemstones of the World by Walter Schumann: I have been constantly reading this book for several weeks now and will continue to do so for a long time. Full of information about minerals and precious stones including great color photos. Really fantastic guide if you are interested in what makes up our earth!

     I hope you guys could find a good book to cozy up with! Here's a recipe that might help keep you warm as the days cool down:

Magic Ingredients:
-2 cups hot earl grey tea
-1 orange
-honey (to taste)
(serves 2)

1: Cut two slices of orange to garnish each cup of citrus tea, juice the remainder of the orange.
2: Pour the hot tea into two cups, split the juice of the orange between the servings, and add honey to taste (I prefer lavender), garnish with orange slices.
3: Sip and enjoy with a good book! (PS, you could add a shot of whiskey if you're into that too!)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Haute Halloween:

(Dia De Los Muertos)

(Dia De Los Muertos)

(Dia De Los Muertos)

      With Halloween fast approaching, I couldn't help but post a couple of my favorite costumes. There's just something mysterious and daring about masquerading for the night as something scary. However this year I opted for a disguise that's a bit more comical and fun! Stay tuned for a peek at my costume for this upcoming Hallow's Eve!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cinnamon Chai Cake:

      This past weekend I attended a fabulous Halloween party, complete with creepy decor, good friends, and of course, a homemade cake! I couldn't resist the opportunity to get back into the kitchen and get creative and this recipe is no exception. I did take a few short cuts (I wanted the extra time to work on my Halloween costume), and ended up using a box of cake mix that I then doctored up to the fullest! The icing is a pumpkin and cream cheese and the cake is colored dark black and flavored with loads of cinnamon and chai tea! This recipe my appear elaborate but it's really quite simple, here's how:

Magic Ingredients:
(for the cake)
-2 boxes white cake mix (plus all ingredients listed on packaging)
-1 teaspoons black food coloring
-2 bags of loose leaf chai tea, 
-4 tablespoons cinnamon
(for the frosting)
-1 pound cream cheese at room temp.
-2 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice (found in most chain grocery stores)
-1 tablespoon cinnamon
-2 cups powdered sugar 
*Candy garnishes for decoration (optional)

1: Prepare the cake mix per the directions on the box. Add black food coloring, chai tea leaves, and cinnamon to the mix. Divid batter between three nine inch greased cake pans and bake as directed. 
2: After the cake has been baked, allow them to cool and come to room temperature. While you are waiting prepare the icing.
3: In a standard mixer, blend cream cheese, pumpkin pie spice, powdered sugar, and cinnamon together until combined and smooth. 
4: Now assemble the cake. First layer one pan of cake on a plate (or cake stand), then a thick layer of frosting, then another cake until all three layers of cake are stacked together. 
5: Frost the cake entirely with a "crumble layer" of frosting. Place the cake into the fridge until the frosting has hardened. Layer with more frosting and decorate with Halloween candy to finish!

Have you been cooking up any special Halloween treats?


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Out The Door:

     This 10 dollar dress really is a fantastic element in my wardrobe (previously featured here). I love wearing it now with bare legs and strappy sandals but the snake pattern is perfect for fall paired with hunter green tights and boots. As much as I dread the cold season each year I am doing my best to embrace the holidays and all their festivities! On Saturday I attended a fabulous Halloween costume party, what were you up to this weekend?

(Aviators- Vintage Gucci, Moldavite Necklace- Self Constructed, Denim Jacket- Forever 21, Dress- Michael Michael Kors, Seraphinite Bracelet- Self Constructed, Watch- Michael Kors, Sandals- Vintage Prada, Bag- Vintage Coach


Saturday, October 20, 2012

$pending The Time:

     When it comes to fashion, it usually pays to hunt for the best deal. After reading thru piles of chic blogs and seeing even more stylish advertisements in grocery store magazines I can't help but want to shop, who wouldn't feel that way? However, saving a few dollars and really searching out the best prices on long lasting quality items can sometimes be the way to go when it comes to retail therapy. I am a huge supporter of lurking the sales racks in every boutique and finding those hidden treasures in a local charity shop. I have also recently discovered my town's Antique Fair which is held once a month and has recently gifted me with some very  inexpensive coach bags (like the Wallis bag featured in this post). Crossroads Trading Co has quickly become one of my all time favorite spots over the years because I love the idea of recycled fashion, you bring in your old clothes and go home with new (to you) garments! So even though I am continually barricaded with advertisements and the like, I know I can get my shopping fix by purchasing quality items that will last and last without going home with a severely sad wallet!

Prada leather sandals purchased at a ridiculously
low price at Crossroads Trading Co.

Sunglasses- Vintage Gucci (via Twist!),
 Leather Duffle Bag- Coach

I spotted this dress at the Michael Kors store several seasons ago, but after seeing the $150 price tag I only admired from a far. Recently, I plucked the same dress off of a Marshall's sale rack for $10!

     I hope that the next time you find yourself needing a new item for your wardrobe that you will be inspired to hunt down the perfect quality item at the perfect price for your budget! We all deserve to look amazing while tucking away a few extra dollars! Try your local charity shops (like Goodwill and Salvation Army), Crossroads, or even a local antique fair or flea market! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sparkle & Shine:

     I took these photos a few weeks ago with my friend Igor. He asked me to wear red lips and to bring lots of dresses to the studio. I have to say, as someone who doesn't get gussied up that often that I was pretty thrilled to play dress up. 

      I also have to admit that this was the first occasion that I have had to wear this gold sequined mini dress. I purchased it right when sparkly new year's eve dresses were being deeply discounted at Macy's. Sometimes to find the better deal, you have to shop in the off season. I know I will get a lot of wear out of this glitzy number this holiday season to festive parties! 

(Dress- International Concepts)

Sparkle & Shine

Sparkle & Shine by nsaich featuring nylon stockings

     I especially hope to wear this dressy number to ring in the new year! On Polyvore I created a collage of what I would pair it with, sturdy boots, a masculine blazer, and red lips would be the perfect combination for me! How would you style a gilded dress?


Thursday, October 11, 2012

November Wedding:

Untitled #83

Untitled #83 by nsaich featuring coach handbags

      Next month I am attending a Fall wedding and I couldn't be more thrilled for my two close friends Bianca and Johnathan! When I met Bianca for the first time she instantly asked me if she could show me a photograph of her wedding dress, when I asked if she was engaged she said no, but that one day she would be! Now that a few years have gone by since that initial ice breaking conversation, I have become good friends with Johnathan (Bianca's fiance') as well developing an even closer friendship with Bianca in the process. Currently we are busy creating centerpieces and displays for her special day (think deep navy, gold, and petal pink, plus a unique theme!). Their wedding also happens to fall on my birthday, which means I have two reasons to get all  dressed up that day! 
      I picked up this Kirna Zabete for Target (featured above) dress the last time I was out and about and I just know it will be perfect for a Fall wedding. I plan on wearing the dress with this coach bag that was featured in Tuesday's post. What do you guys think? I've still got plenty of time to put things together so I'd love your stylish advice!