Thursday, October 11, 2012

November Wedding:

Untitled #83

Untitled #83 by nsaich featuring coach handbags

      Next month I am attending a Fall wedding and I couldn't be more thrilled for my two close friends Bianca and Johnathan! When I met Bianca for the first time she instantly asked me if she could show me a photograph of her wedding dress, when I asked if she was engaged she said no, but that one day she would be! Now that a few years have gone by since that initial ice breaking conversation, I have become good friends with Johnathan (Bianca's fiance') as well developing an even closer friendship with Bianca in the process. Currently we are busy creating centerpieces and displays for her special day (think deep navy, gold, and petal pink, plus a unique theme!). Their wedding also happens to fall on my birthday, which means I have two reasons to get all  dressed up that day! 
      I picked up this Kirna Zabete for Target (featured above) dress the last time I was out and about and I just know it will be perfect for a Fall wedding. I plan on wearing the dress with this coach bag that was featured in Tuesday's post. What do you guys think? I've still got plenty of time to put things together so I'd love your stylish advice! 



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