Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY: Festive Banner

      When I first received my invitation for a dear friend's bridal shower, I knew I wanted to create something special to mark the occasion. After brainstorming for a few moments I decided to make a banner for the party complete with ribbons and bows. I think Shayla will be happy with the combination of petal pink, sweet polka dots, and crisp stripes. If you are interested in putting together a banner of your own for your next soiree, here's how!

- Colored paper
- Assortment of Ribbon
- Scissors
- Markers

Getting Started:
1: Cut the colored paper into triangles and label each with an individual letter to spell out a catch phrase. 

2: Using a hole punch, puncture holes into the corners of each triangle. 

3: Take a long strand of ribbon and weave it back and forth thru the triangles as photographed below.

4: Using an array of ribbon tie bows in between each triangle.

5: Hang garland on a wall or shelf using tacks or tape. 

It's pretty endearing right?!

Slightly vintage photo, I look like a pin cushion.

      Yesterday was Shayla's bridal shower and the event was a true celebration of her life taking the next next big (and exciting!) turn. Us girls celebrated in true Shayla style in fancy dresses, nibbling on petite tea sandwiches, and sipping strawberry mimosas. Of course everything had to be pink, much like all of the appliances in our old kitchen (Remember that apartment that we shared as mere teenagers Shay?). I've been so blessed to have Shayla in my life as a long time friend and I couldn't be more excited to congratulate her and Brian on their upcoming nuptials!



  1. You two look awesome! What a great pic! I love the banner and the different color and print ribbon you used Nico. You beat Martha Stewart girl! hahaha Have a great week!

  2. What a great idea! Definitely adds a nice personal touch!

    Sending love,

  3. Aww, congrats to Shay!
    And this is such a great idea, I may make one of these for when Mother's Day comes up :)

  4. that picture kills me every time! look how we have changed!!!

    That baner was the cutest sweetest thing i have ever seen it was SO me!! It made my shower that more special! thank you agin Nico!

    Love Shay


  5. Such a sweet post - And I love the pic of you two - gorgeous girls! I may have to try this banner - I'm the maid of honor in my bestie's wedding and I love this as a personal touch :)


  6. Awww Nico! This is so cute! I know you have been talking about the wedding forever and I cannot wait to hear all about it!! I love the banner (I must try and make one for some occasion lol)
    So glad I got to catch up with you on my drive home and get to see your new blog post (school is taking over both our lives too much! haha)
    Miss you as always!



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