Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not your average cup of jo:

View my spiked cider recipe by clicking here

      Coffee.... the over the counter drug that gets many of us thru our hectic days. How do you prefer yours? I know someone who daily devours quarts of coffee (he likes to use an emptied and washed mayo jar as a cold coffee mug). Another friend of mine has a very specific blend of ingredients that only Starbucks can brew properly. Personally I'm not a daily coffee abuser. Instead I'd rather enjoy a coffee here and there from local cafes, or sip on a cup of cider or thai iced tea. Here are some of my favorite places to enjoy a not so average cup of jo on a pleasant Sunday morning:

Cappuccino from Cafe Delmarette

      Cafe Delmarette is one of my favorite places to grab a cappuccino and a sandwich in the mornings. Their tasty menu and artisan coffees make it easy to get out of my warm bed in exchange for a delicious meal. I'm excited to share my feature on this cafe later in the week!

Thai iced tea from Real Thai Kitchen

      If you are looking for authentic Thai food in Santa Cruz, CA give Real Thai Kitchen a try. They use lots of citrus, lemongrass, and spices in their dishes. And you can't leave without trying their sweet thai iced tea!

Amber tea with cream from Wine Wizards
      Wine Wizards in Stockton, CA offers a wide variety of loose leafed teas to satisfy anyone's taste buds! My personal favorite is the subtle flavor of Darjeeling. 

Another delicious cup from Cafe Delmarette

Do you have any morning coffee rituals? 



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  2. Yum :) When I was living in Paris, I became fairly obsessed with café au lait, and until recently I was drinking it every morning. Now I´m trying to diminish my daily doses of caffeine, so no more café au lait in the morning, but I still can´t resist vanilla latte from Starbucks :)
    Happy Sunday, Nico!

    xx Ivana

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  3. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog x

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  4. beautiful and good!!!i'm following you!!!

  5. you are the sweetest thing x what a lovely comment. will definitely follow you back deary

  6. Ah, everything here looks delicious. xx

  7. look so delish. I just gotta have my coffee everyday. I am pretty simple, just creamer and sugar!

  8. I'm trying to cut down on drinking so much coffee b/c I LOVE it! But I start the day drinking one cup while holding my baby girl. It's a great way to start the day. Anyways, I love your casual attire post. That hat is adorable, so hobo chic! And the vest... love that, too. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm following. Come by, say hi and follow back if you feel like it! XO
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  9. Spiked cider??? Yes please! I love coffee on the weekends, especially on a Sunday with nothing to do :)


  10. I certainly do have a coffee morning ritual. I always brew my dunkin donuts french vanilla in the a.m. with coffeemate french vanilla cream :)

  11. I love hot chocolate and frappuccino's. These look so good! :)

  12. I think I am the only one who doesn't like coffee. Call me crazy ...

    It smells good, though!
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  13. I love coffee, for me it's the weekend ritual. but your post made me desire for a cup right now

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  14. I don't like coffee, never have really. I prefer tea. I never need anything to get me going in the morning, I just bounce up and work out and then I am ready!! A good breakfast is ALL i NEED!! X

  15. Hello! I do not live without coffee!
    very nice blog, what do you say to Follow Each Other?

  16. I was with you when you took the picture for Cafe Delmarette! SO yummy there! And you know my fav is thai iced tea at Real Thai Kitchen (though I wish Saibeng would open again!)


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