Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween At Home:

Chanel nail varnishes in traditional spooky colors: Black Satin, Holiday, and Frenzy.

     I have hugely fond memories of Halloween growing up. My father was always a major fan of this particular holiday and my home was honestly so terrifying on Halloween that I REFUSED to trick or treat at my own place! I would attend childhood costume parties and as the party games moved to more hardcore activities like Truth or Dare, I knew someone would be double dog dared to go ask for candy at my house. I dreaded the short neighborhood walk back to my street.... the approach to my house would always fill me with extreme terror and fear. However, while I stood firm in my choice not to beg for candy at my own house I found it very entertaining to watch my dad and his pals dress up as monsters and chase my friends away screaming. My dad doesn't go all out with elaborate costumes or crazy creepy decorations anymore so instead I try to bring a little of the festive flare into my own home with spooky tid bits in every corner:

Bad luck black cats by Charlotte Olympia. Also dying for this vampire kitten pair.

Dark Crystals in rose quarts, beryl, calcite, aquamarine, desert rose, quartz, citrine, and topaz to name a few. (Most stones from Mountain Spirit)

Insect brooches and stripes for my halloween costume, can you guess what I'm going to be?

A creepy candle from Cost Plus that glows in my living room. 

Moonshine (from Bev Mo) to enjoy during a full moon.

Black cats and nightcaps. 

Crystal journey black cat candle and white crystal are from my favorite little store in Felton called Mountain Spirit.

Even my bathroom got a bit of themed decor including blood bath salts (Home Goods) and a mold from my jaw surgeries last year. 

Scary candy to devour that was picked up at Powell's old fashioned candy shop.

     I'd love to know some of your favorite memories or how you are preparing for the upcoming Halloween holiday!?


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  1. My guess is a Spider Web. Am I right? Am I right? Enjoy your spooooooky All Hallows Eve.

  2. I love Halloween, but at our house we never do more than carve pumpkins (while listening to Michael Jackson's Thriller album) and ToT-ing of course. My mom isn't a big fan of the holiday so we don't decorate the whole house. Christmas is another's like walking into a winter wonderland! :D
    All those crystals are gorgeous!!

  3. These are some really cool and classy decoration ideas! :)

  4. Coolio, Have a fun and safe Haloween! ME


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