Monday, February 17, 2014

Bouquets On Mondays: Lavender & Amethyst

      As a little girl I loved for everything to be purple. Purple stir up leggings, lavender velvet t shirts (tragic but accurate), and I even had a purple teddy bear! I suppose you could say that I never lost my interest in purple but I try to take on a more adult approach. For this simple floral arrangement I plucked some fresh lavender from my Dad's garden and placed the stems in this vintage George Washington vase. The herbal smell of fresh lavender is only enhanced by a scented candle of the same fragrance placed in a chunk of raw amethyst. I guess instead of a purple teddy bear I have an assortment of purple amethyst stones to enjoy these days!


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  1. Looks like we're both purple lovers! I had all those things as well! Except my velvet top was dark purple ;) I want all that amethyst, so gorgeous

  2. Everytime I see your rocks I wish I hadn't given mine away! Purple amethyst is my favorite, Lovely little vignette:)

  3. I really liked purple a lot as well but now not that much anymore (even though I have purple shoes and a purple bag right now xD). Anyway I really like this arrangement and how the flowers match the stone :)

  4. So beautiful. I've been loving all your collections on instagram and these images are just amazing too. :)

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

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