Monday, August 11, 2014

Bouquets On Mondays: Green Roses & White Light

      There's something about bringing fresh blooms into the home that I find completely comforting. Having a bit of nature to keep me company while contained in four white walls and carpeting feels like an indulgence. At times it seems most of us are disconnected from nature on a continual and perpetual basis... but it really is true that you need to stop and smell the green roses every so often!   

For this arrangement, start with a bunch of your favorite shade of roses, I selected green.

Prepare the roses by plucking off any damaged outer petals and remove the leaves. Fill a vase of your choice with fresh water to keep the stems fresh and hydrated.

Cut the stems at the appropriate length for your vase and arrange them within the vessel. Be sure to cut stems at an angle because this helps the blooms get more H20 and promotes freshness.

I love adding a scented candle beside my bouquets for extra "oldfactory wowing." This candle is from Blithe & Bonny. I love it because it is handmade, has a unique scent (hyacith & heliotrope), and burns down evenly)

Adorable mushroom matches are also from previously mentioned Blithe & Bonny. I love how this useful item is also pretty enough to display. 

Voila! The finished product

      I picked up this affordable bunch of roses at Safeway for just $10. I have also found that their roses tend to look the best and last the longest (other lovely examples here and here). When the floral arrangement is on it's last leg, I love to dry the roses for additional future bouquets when fresh flowers aren't in the budget. 
      Hope this inspires you to create your own floral arrangement and perks you up this Monday!


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  1. These are gorgeous doll, love fresh flowers in the house and candles too, just sets such a relaxing mood :))) Stunning these xx

  2. I have never seen green roses til today . thanks for sharing!


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