Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Hand collected green sea glass wrapped with copper wire and strung with apatite gemstone chips.

      When I was a very little girl my dad would take me to a store called Global Beads in Mountain View and he would let me create my own jewelry. At the time, the bead store was located in a very small location but was filled from wall to wall with the most color I had ever seen in my short lived life. Each and every nook and cranky contained treasure yet to take on a new life. Creating my own accessories has been a passion ever since. I get lost in the tedious detail, the functional yet beautiful construction.... the colors. 

Fresh water pearls and mermaids hang against a backdrop of green sea glass that has been hand collected and hand drilled paired with silver toned hardware.  

A teardrop blue kyanite pendant rests between a beaded strand of amazonite, apatite, and tanzanite.

Hand drilled rose quartz gemstone wire wrapped in copper and paired with copper chain. 

Necklace constructed with natural genuine quartz point with an ombre of fresh water pearls.

A necklace with interchangeable hand drilled sea glass pendants in a trio of blue, frosty white, and amber tones. 

Hand collected and drilled blue sea glass wire wrapped with copper and strong on a cord of hemp. 

     These days in addition to visiting bead stores and crystal shops for jewelry supplies I also like to collect sea glass for my creations. Sea glass started it's journey as glassware that was dumped into the ocean long ago. The sea waves tumble the broken and rough edges of the glass into a gem like quality and if you are lucky you can find bits of these pieces of history on the ocean's shore!
     I've spent the past several months creating special gemstone and ocean inspired pieces as well as building an etsy shop to share them with you all! Please follow my journey as I manifest my dreams!


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  1. Such beautiful pieces! I can't wait until the etsy shop is open! Going to have to refrain from buying everything ;)
    That kyanite necklace is so beautiful!

  2. These are amazing doll, so happy for you!! Each piece is amazing and I wish you lots of happiness, prosperity and fun on this new journey. I know you will do brilliantly!! Can't wait to see the shop :))))) xx

  3. You are amazing, kind, beautiful, creative, smart, funny, sweet and very very special.


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