Monday, October 13, 2014

Bedroom Tour:

I have a pair of these white elephants as bedside tables.
They were originally used in the foyer of my father's home
but I love them as compact bedside tables for a room the
size of a sardine can. 

     A few weeks ago I shared a special Bouquets on Mondays post that was photographed in my bedroom. I've spent a whole lot of time in my room (at least one third of my life sleeping!) and I wanted to share how I have created a serene living space that literally feels like you are waking up on a cloud. I love a mostly all white color palette in my bedroom and I mix in accent colors with black and fresh flowers. Because I live in a small apartment also I like to bring lots of natural rocks and quartz crystals into my room so I at least feel like I'm closer to nature. These are just a few small ways I make my bedroom more inviting and cozy, what are some of your decor tricks?

There isn't a lot of room for decorative objects in my room that aren't also functional so I like to display my perfume collection for something pretty to look at while getting dressed in the morning. Chanel Chance is my top favorite fragrance at the moment.

I love floral arrangement and you can witness
how I created this vase of roses here

Adding lots of mirrors to the white walls of my bedroom helps
create the appearance of more space, plus it's in a functional
 location on the opposite wall of my closet.  

I found this envelope wall storage at Marshall's which is perfect for creating storage space with out taking up valuable floor space in a small apartment.

I'm the type of girl that adores plants and flowers. I always
 try to have something green and fresh in each room. for my
bedroom I have a fiddle leaf fig tree which is also a necklace
organizer, I hang my special jewels from the branches for display. 

My love for rocks and minerals is endless and the soft glow
of this spherical salt lamp is perfect for leaving on at night.

      If you are curious about where I purchased the items in my bedroom here is a breakdown for you:
*White Bedding- Target
*White Elephants- Family heirloom
*Chest of Drawers- Vintage, Goodwill
*Plants/Fig Tree- Probuild
*Bedside Lamps- Home Goods
*Candles- Diptyque
*Mirrors- Home Goods
*Salt Lamp- Mountain Spirit
*Crystals- Mountain Spirit
*Faux Fur Blankets- World Market


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