Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gems and Jewels:

(Natural Boulder Opal pendant paired with two strands of hessonite, a type of garnet that displays the tone of copper and fire.)

      After my parents divorced, I got to spend time with my dad every Tuesday and Thursday after school and every other weekend. He lived in Santa Cruz and I lived in Los Gatos with my mom, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays he would come to my side of the hill (a mountain divides these two towns) and he would take me to do creative things! Sometimes we would paint pottery but one eventful day he took me to a beading store so that I could make my own jewelry and I guess I was doomed to have an affinity for accessories from that day forward. I started working with beads to craft necklaces, bracelets, and my personal favorite item (this was the 90s...) anklets! To this day I still adore the idea of crafting my own personal accent pieces. However instead of making beaded anklets I am drawn to the idea of making jewelry utilizing natural gems and minerals because I love Geology. Here are some of my most loved pieces that I have constructed recently:

(This is the necklace I wear daily.)

(Aren't the rivers of electric water stunning on this piece? It almost looks as if a water source is penetrating a desert, which helps to explain how this type of rock was formed.)

(A shark's tooth pendant capped in silver and ruby on a delicate strand of tourmaline, another well loved piece from my jewel box.)

(An edgy yet somehow feminine necklace that I wore in this recent post.) 

(I know I said that I prefer to use natural gems and minerals but I believe this shark's tooth is just as valuable and precious.)

(A classic blue necklace made with an aquamarine
pendant and a strand of vibrant apatite beads.) 

(A quirky piece made with a vintage silver and amber brooch/pendant and a strand of natural citrine.) 

(I love the charm that this necklace has. Typically insects get preserved in amber but this little bug managed to capture some of it's own. I also adore how the citrine reminds me of a strand of honey dripping off of a spoon.)

      I feel like designing your own accessories is not only a relaxing hobby to have but the result of all your hard work lends a huge hand in creating truly personal style. I really love how my friend Kim designs her own knit wear, which I highlighted in this post. Do you create any of your own personal accessories? If so, please share, I'd love to see your projects! 



  1. Pretty! Can't wait to see more of your work!!!

  2. Those are super cute, you talented Lady, you!

    xo Jennifer

  3. how creative and original they are Nico! Congrats dear, I like the blue one, so chic! Kisses dear!:*

  4. lovely ! amazing blog! following you now!

  5. those are some real great creations!i love them all..

  6. he taught you a great craft. some people have to PAY to learn to do that. i really love the blue one and insect one. fabulous doll!

  7. These are amazing! I definitely love the stone on the first necklace here, do you know the name of that stone? Also, could you give me your address again? I'd love to hear your ideas on EDAW! :)


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