Monday, December 31, 2012

Shutter Eyes/ Shuts Her Eyes:

     I took this photograph of my neighbor Fallon, to highlight a few baubles and accessories I have been making as of late. These particular necklaces are made with Tiger's Eye and Onyx, two types of stones that I have grown very fond of. I thought it would be fun to style these edgy "teeth" style accessories with a simple but structured blazer as well as Cleopatra inspired makeup. When I shot this photo manually I put my shutter speed on very slow so that Fallon's eyes (while blinking) would have a unearthly effect and I'm happy with how the image turned out. But what I am most happy with is that I have been getting really creative and making my own accessories! It's my own way of redefining "personal style."


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  1. So cool! Love the effect you captured.

  2. That's a cool pic Nico! Ok, you're designing jewelry too. You are just too much for me! WTG!!!

  3. Wow! It is crazy what you can do with a camera... the eyes are looking really like from another planet. But it is great!
    I really like the necklace too. When I was a small girl I used to carry a tiger's- eye stone with me in my pockets... I think my mother once told me that it will make me stronger :)
    I am following you too now :)

  4. I thought you put eyes on her eyelids with eye shawdow! haha

    xo Jennifer

  5. What a creepy effect with the shutter, cool!


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