Friday, December 21, 2012

Small Morsels: Black & White Edition

(Enjoying a cup of tea with my neighbor Fallon as
well as a batch of delicious pumpkin cookies she made)
     As the holiday season lingers forward I find myself taking extreme comfort in the moments that are usually overlooked. Telling secrets over tea and cookies early in the morning with a neighbor, or even finding a quiet moment alone to prepare breakfast for yourself in the AM, both exquisite ways to get your day started. Old family traditions seem to be resurfacing in small quiet ways and I couldn't be happier to welcome a new year very soon! I feel like good things are just ahead! 

(Shopping for holiday gifts in a local antique shop's garden area.)

(An inquisitive pelican outside a window on the Santa Cruz Wharf.)

(A family tradition: drawing on restaurant place mats with my father.)

(Making a hearty breakfast each morning with black coffee.)
      I hope that you all are enjoying the small morsels in life during this holiday season!



  1. That seems so nice:) happy holidays Nico! kisses! xo

  2. Hahahaa! That Sasquatch doodle is just epic xD I love how you two left your mark - literally ;)

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  3. The holiday season is a perfect time for reflecting and enjoying the small pleasures in life. I'm also looking forward to the new beginnings the coming year will bring.

    Thanks for dropping by and weighing in with your thoughts on Gossip Girl!
    Happy weekend Nico!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. ok, i want that breakfast! hahaha i have a good feeling about 2013 also.


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