Monday, December 24, 2012

The Eve Before Christmas:


      It's Monday again, but this one doesn't feel like your typical start of the week because it's the eve before Christmas! I had one of the best weekends of my life before today arrived and for perhaps another first in my life... I'm not dreading the holiday. Spending time with friends that become family, celebrating, and generally getting in the Christmas spirit will do that to you I suppose. Today I'll be enjoy another one of my favorite holiday past times, baking cookies and creating new flavors of home made truffles. I've already utilized over 7 pounds of butter over the weekend and I think that today will be no exception to that type of behavior. Happy Holidays everyone, find beauty in all that you see, happiness in whatever you do, and wonder at the idea of an upcoming new year! 

Image taken by MacClavey Photography, originally featured in this post.

You can find my recipes for truffles I made last year by clicking here!

Photo originally featured in this post. Image taken by my classmate Igor.

Chocolate White Chocolate Chip cookies! Utterly chewy and delicious,
 this year I may add butterscotch chips to the recipe!

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, I love giving boxes of these morsels away as gifts.

Another creative image by MacClavey Photography, find similar
 images of inspiration in this post.

Milk Chocolate & Frangelico Hazelnut Truffles!

A red dress moment, image by my classmate Igor as well. 



  1. amazing pictures!!
    So much fun.
    and the cookies look so yummie.
    Wish you very nice days.

    XO Arezu

  2. merry christmas nico! i know you'll be baking some awesome yumminess over the holidays. gosh, i love that tree and presents. wrapped so pretty doll! have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Merry Christmas :)


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