Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Small Morsels:

      With a fresh new year upon me, I can't help but feel grateful for all the tender comforts that the holiday season offered at the end of 2012. Although I received many thoughtful presents, it was the time spent with friends and family that really made an impact. The comfort of loved ones is what truly makes life worth living and I'm looking forward, never down, into the unknown of twenty thousand and thirteen.

An orange blossom candle by Jo Malone that I received as a holiday gift. This fragrance takes me back to sitting in my childhood tangerine tree peeling fruit and smelling the fresh citrus rind. 

The last sunset of 2012 over La Selva Beach, California.

Indulgent Xmas presents: Chanel everything. 

Luxurious soaps to store in my lingerie drawers. 

I've been loving beautiful fragrances these days, the type of scents that I can attache to a cherished memory are my favorite. I love this one called "Very Hollywood" by Michael Kors.

Homemade white chocolate & butterscotch cookies to bring along to holiday festivities. 

A special quartz crystal and ruby necklace that I received as present. 

Perfect black & white robe for lounging. 
      I've given a great deal of thought to a few potential resolutions for the year, but no concise decisions yet. All I know, is that I am resolved to always try to follow my heart and dreams in this new year, and each one afterward. Have you made any resolutions of your own?



  1. Beautiful items doll...Happy New Year...I hope it's an outstanding one for you. I've just resolved to be happier and love myself more :) xx

  2. Those chanel nail pol;ishes are more than beautiful! I'm your new follower dear! :}} Thanks for the nice comment on my blog :}}}
    Hope you'll ollow back
    Rue from http://golddusts.blogspot.com/

  3. In love with the Chanel stuff^^ Great things you got dear! I will do the same for this year too, stop accomplish other but much more myself! Kisses!:*

  4. Very nice pictures.
    I need to try a Chanel lipstick once, never had one.
    The cookies must have been sooo yummie!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Love yours too.

    XO Arezu

  5. Great post full of information and ideas.

    If you get a sec, checkout my latest post New Year and Sequins.

    Happy New Year!


  6. nico, you received some awesome gifts girlfriend! i'll take that jo malone candle and chanel nail polish! hahaha

  7. What great gifts! Someone, or a few someones, have great taste!
    No resolutions this year, per se. Just want to try to always be the best person I can be.
    Happy New Year!


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