Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heather Point:

Hat- Tarnish (super old via Nordstrom), Necklace- Featured Here
Dress- Express, Belt-Gap, Watch- Michael Kors, Bag- Vintage Coach
(Similar here), Wedges- Cynthia Vincent (via Crossroads)

      Hats seem to make their way out the door with me lately (as seen just recently here). But this particular hat is especially versatile and one of my top tier favorites. I've worn it during rainy gloomy days and even on sweet summery afternoons. The wide brim makes this hat ideal for avoiding both misty rains or harsh sunlight. On this particular morning I wore my beloved hat to Heather Point in La Selva Beach. This mostly forgotten hillside is in bloom with rustic purple Heather flowers right now and I couldn't resist the idea of snapping a few photos.  

My favorite Boulder Opal & Hessonite necklace that I made.

      Despite the pretty sunshine it was actually freezing when I took these pictures. I'm getting super antsy for Spring with each passing day! I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday, be well. 



  1. Please tell me you're freezing? Or are you just super hot blooded? :p

    xo Jennifer

  2. Love that hat and the dress.
    And I so envy you can dress like that.. it was -15 over here today ><
    x, Lara

  3. Hi Nico! So beautiful photos and location! You har is very cool! Love your outfit, the dress and the wedges are so cute! Cant wait to spring as well! Is so freezing also here!! Kisses dear! xo

  4. Nico this photo shoot is breathtaking!You look splendid and the setting is spectacular!
    Stop by whenever you like, it makes me happy!
    Love, Coco

  5. Hats!! Love them!! You are rockin it!

  6. These pics make me miss the warm weather!

    Pretty scenery... I love the house in the background.

  7. Love your shoes! And the dress is so cute - wish I could wear one right now!

  8. Beautiful friend! Love these shots and love love love some leopard print<3

    xo Katie

  9. Fantastic outfit, I staring at these images and am slightly envious about your weather situation! It's snowing outside in London!
    Happy Weekend!

  10. You look stunning doll, love the outfit xx

  11. I always wish I could pull off a hat like that. It looks great on you!

  12. You look gorgeous and what a gorgeous scene! Love the hat, looking gorgeous!


  13. The hat is very flattering on you ;)

    I definitely want to start wearing hats more! It gives your outfit that extra oomph that makes it stand out.


  14. You don't look freezing in these pictures, you love lovely, such pretty pictures

    Please come by and check out my latest post :)



  15. what pretty area nico! love all the lavender.also love a great looking hat. it looks awesome on you and your dress/shoes are fierce doll. pretty pictures!

  16. Ohh! Beatiful! Love the look!

  17. You look lovely ,beautiful Dress! Love the Pictures :)
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    kisses :)

  18. Beautiful pictures! Wow, I would love to go to see all those beautiful flowers! Here in Ohio it is super cold, but at least the sun is shining :)

    Have a great weekend!


  19. Cute dress!
    S xx

  20. love the shoes. following you back.

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